School Job Title Field Type Country Deadline Description ASSA Earliest call Most recent call Rejection Campus Invites Offer Made Offer Accepted Last Update Edit
Bank of Italy Fellowship CB Italy 11/23/22 11/30/22 Edit
Bayes (ex Cass) Business School AP Finance Finance AP UK yes 11/11/22 yes 11/29/22 Edit
Caltech Assistant Professor Experimental/Behavioral AP US 11/29/22 Edit
Christopher Newport Lecturer LEC US 10/16/22
no 11/05/22 yes 11/28/22 Edit
City University of Hong Kong AP Economics AP Hong Kong yes 11/29/22 11/30/22 Edit
Collegio Carlo Alberto AP AP Italy 11/29/22 11/29/22 Edit
Cornell College Assistant Professor AP US
no 11/18/22 11/28/22 Edit
Emory AP Macro AP US yes 11/15/22 11/29/22 Edit
Emory AP micro theory AP US 11/29/22 11/29/22 Edit
European Central Bank Senior Economist (Forecasting and Policy Modelling) CB Germany 11/23/22 11/23/22 Edit
Fairfield University AP Behavioral Economics, Game Theory AP US 11/24/22 No 11/28/22 11/28/22 Edit
Northwestern University Assistant Professor Economics AP US 11/28/22 11/28/22 11/28/22 Edit
Old dominion university AP AP US 11/29/22 Yes 11/29/22 Edit
Pitzer College Assistant Professor Economics AP US 11/29/22 Edit
QMUL AP (School of Business and Magement) Finance AP UK 11/25/22 Edit
Rocky Mountain College Assistant Professor of Business AP US
no 10/27/22 11/28/22 Edit
Southern Methodist University Assistant Professor of Economics International, public, labor, IO, development AP US 11/20/22
11/28/22 11/28/22 Edit
Test Edit for 2022/23 Example Job IND US 09/25/22 Edit
Test for 2022/23 Market Test Title AP US 09/25/22 Edit
University of Bern AP Macro AP Switzerland Description yes 11/20/22 yes 11/29/22 Edit
University of Bristol Associate Professor SNR UK 01/09/23 Description 11/21/22 Edit
University of Bristol Assistant Professor Finance AP UK 12/05/22 Description
11/29/22 Edit
University of Bristol Assistant Professor AP UK 11/30/22 Description
11/30/22 Edit
University of Central Florida AP AP US yes 11/23/22 Yes 11/29/22 Edit
University of Exeter Lecturer Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics AP UK Description 11/22/22 Edit
University of Florida Assistant/Associate Professor Environmental Economics AP US 10/15/22
11/17/22 11/17/22 Yes 11/29/22 Edit
University of Southern California Assistant Professor of Economics Economics AP US 09/29/22 Edit
USI Lugano Postdoc in Labor PD Switzerland 11/13/22 Edit
Wagner college AP AP US 11/29/22 Edit
Wagner college AP AP US 11/11/22 11/29/22 Edit
WPI AP-Finance AP US 11/11/22 11/11/22 11/29/22 Edit
Calls made: 58.06% (18/31)

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