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Journal Acceptance chance n Average First Response n Average time between R&R n Average No. Referee Reports n
Abstracts of Working Papers in Economics016101 1
Administration and Society0.67314312 2
Advances in Economic Analysis & Policy1111110 0
Agricultural Economics0.75464433 4
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics0.0758259372 34
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy0.0743243432 24
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics0.131232232 20
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics0.1422425332 19
American Economic Review0.0611021154103 51
American Journal of Agricultural Economics0.2114314342 12
American Journal of Health Economics0.38838342 8
American Law and Economics Review0.25454112 3
American Political Science Review0242002 1
Annales d'Economie et de Statistique1333222 3
Annals of Finance0.25424322 3
Annals of Regional Science1344332 3
Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy1151112 1
Applied Economics0.63355371191 30
Applied Economics Letters0.6234334181 18
Applied Economics Quarterly1141612 1
Applied Financial Economics0.8566131 4
B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics0.5315416282 15
B.E. Journals in Economic Analysis & Policy0.3821324282 19
BE Journal of Theoretical Economics0.5434422 3
British Journal of Industrial Relations0.83656352 5
Bulletin of Economic Research0.258911622 6
Cambridge Journal of Economics0.67969562 8
Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics0.5242322 1
Canadian Journal of Economics0.2520420462 19
Canadian Public Policy0.5222003 2
China Economic Review0.69133162102 12
Computational Economics0.83656151 5
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis0131003 1
Contemporary Accounting Research0121212 1
Contemporary Economic Policy0.449410362 10
Cuadernos de Econom?a1111111 1
Decisions in Economics and Finance0.52142311 1
Defence and Peace Economics1223222 2
Demography0626813 2
Development and Change001821210 0
Development Policy Review00121000 0
Development Studies0.5222312 1
Eastern Economic Journal1424242 4
Eastern European Economics1232322 1
Ecological Economics0.4416317382 11
Econometric Reviews0.33677532 5
Econometric Theory0545002 3
Econometrica0.0539339423 30
Econometrics Journal0626122 3
Economic Development and Cultural Change0.2520421662 14
Economic History Review0.33323513 2
Economic Inquiry0.25405426122 31
Economic Journal0.14732744142 36
Economic Modelling0.56326413292 37
Economic Policy0131000 0
Economic Record0.33333312 3
Economic Systems0.67657352 6
Economic Theory0.2223424462 16
Economica0.1226528432 14
Economics and Human Biology0.510211272 8
Economics and Philosophy0212000 0
Economics and Politics0.43758432 7
Economics Bulletin0.63243251112 21
Economics Letters0.4214721521561 97
Economics of Education Review0.5164172102 16
Economics of Governance0.5282312 2
Economics of Transition0.71758352 7
Education Economics0.6536232 5
Emerging Markets Finance and Trade0.63838462 7
Emerging Markets Review0.25848222 3
Empirica02102002 2
Empirical Economics0.4206215112 17
Energy Economics0.62135163102 13
Energy Journal0.44939343 9
Energy Policy0.339412372 7
Environment and Development Economics0131000 0
Environment, Development, and Sustainability1131112 1
Environmental and Resource Economics0.2921522362 12
European Economic Review0.27702702182 39
European Journal of Industrial Relations1121112 1
European Journal of Law and Economics0.5677232 5
European Journal of Operational Research0.6536332 5
European Journal of Political Economy0.4717317382 13
European Review of Agricultural Economics0.25434623 3
European Review of Economic History1121213 1
Experimental Economics0.3315415272 13
Explorations in Economic History0.4511211252 9
Feminist Economics1161612 1
Financial Analysts Journal0161002 1
Financial History Review?(Cambridge)0161002 1
Financial Management0111001 1
Financial Review0121212 1
FinanzArchiv1232322 2
Fiscal Studies0142002 2
Food Policy1252323 2
Forum for Health Economics and Policy0101000 0
Games and Economic Behavior0.2605624132 49
German Economic Review1242222 2
Global Economy Journal1131512 1
Global Finance Journal0.67333221 3
Health Economics0.0617419442 8
History of Economic Ideas0131002 1
Human Relations0131003 1
Industrial and Labor Relations Review0.2114314442 7
Information Economics and Policy0.4555222 2
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics1363221 3
International Economic Review0.2227427672 17
International Finance0141002 1
International Journal of Applied Economics0101000 0
International Journal of Finance and Economics0.676137442 5
International Journal of Forecasting0.17646222 5
International Journal of Game Theory?(Springer)0.577138243 6
International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics0.67343431 3
International Journal of Industrial Organization0.1723325472 17
International Journal of Manpower0.8545232 5
International Journal of Production Economics1131113 1
International Labour Review0151000 0
International Monetary Fund Staff Papers0191002 1
International Review of Applied Economics0.5626131 3
International Review of Economics and Finance0.6579652 6
International Review of Financial Analysis0.29757252 7
International Review of Law and Economics0.57737251 6
International Tax and Public Finance0.22949222 7
IZA Journal of European Labor Studies1121111 1
IZA Journal of Labor Economics1121113 1
Japan and the World Economy0222001 1
Journal for Labour Market Research0.5434323 3
Journal of Accounting and Economics0323001 2
Journal of Accounting Research0232001 1
Journal of African Economies0363002 2
Journal of Applied Econometrics0.0730330122 22
Journal of Applied Economics0.52122511 2
Journal of Asian Economics1142222 2
Journal of Banking and Finance0.18383382102 27
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics0.2516316442 13
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting0272001 2
Journal of Business Research11131212 1
Journal of Common Market Studies0.5434223 3
Journal of Comparative Economics0.2726227382 15
Journal of Conflict Resolution?(Sage)0121000 0
Journal of Consumer Affairs0636002 5
Journal of Corporate Finance0.119410411 7
Journal of Cultural Economics0101000 0
Journal of Development Economics0.16693702132 36
Journal of Development Studies0.510210262 6
Journal of Econometrics0.0911611712 9
Journal of Economic and Social Measurement1181000 0
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization0.34443442152 29
Journal of Economic Development02142120 0
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control0.46284302142 23
Journal of Economic Education0435002 4
Journal of Economic Geography0617003 1
Journal of Economic Growth011311002 10
Journal of Economic History0.25838322 6
Journal of Economic Inequality0.5444322 3
Journal of Economic Issues0.5252212 1
Journal of Economic Psychology0.43737232 5
Journal of Economic Surveys0656002 3
Journal of Economic Theory0.1332433562 25
Journal of Economic Theory (Elsevier)0.6555332 5
Journal of Economics1323132 3
Journal of Economics and Finance1121112 1
Journal of Economics and Finance Education1121112 1
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy0.5315415582 14
Journal of Empirical Finance0.310811331 10
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management0.2227428472 25
Journal of European Economic History1131312 1
Journal of Evolutionary Economics11101311 1
Journal of Family and Economic Issues0.33636333 3
Journal of Finance024224311 15
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis0.2818218241 16
Journal of Financial Econometrics0.17646412 3
Journal of Financial Economics0.2921221251 18
Journal of Financial Intermediation0.2711311351 9
Journal of Financial Markets0.110310371 10
Journal of Financial Research0.5434322 3
Journal of Financial Services Research0.5242222 2
Journal of Forecasting0102110 0
Journal of Futures Markets1131311 1
Journal of Happiness Studies1152312 2
Journal of Health Economics0.1135237352 14
Journal of Housing Economics0.4535532 4
Journal of Human Capital0263001 2
Journal of Human Resources0.1561265282 32
Journal of Industrial Economics0.1316417332 11
Journal of Industry, Competition, and Trade0.5424321 3
Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics0.2595412 4
Journal of Institutional Economics0.71727153 6
Journal of International Development0232000 0
Journal of International Economics0.1422422552 20
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money0.43749532 3
Journal of International Money and Finance0.3129529491 26
Journal of International Trade and Economic Development0.75434232 3
Journal of Labor Economics026326422 18
Journal of Labor Research0333002 1
Journal of Law and Economics014314431 7
Journal of Legal Studies0252001 2
Journal of Macroeconomics0.4321321281 15
Journal of Mathematical Economics0.5838252 6
Journal of Monetary Economics0.1625831841 22
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking0.1937639372 34
Journal of Multinational Financial Management1121112 1
Journal of Pension Economics and Finance0232000 0
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management0414003 1
Journal of Policy Modeling0.836911874 2
Journal of Policy Reform1111112 1
Journal of Political Economy045548003 16
Journal of Population Economics0.1718219232 6
Journal of Post Keynesian Economics0232001 1
Journal of Productivity Analysis1374633 4
Journal of Public Economic Theory0.2512615742 8
Journal of Public Economics0.177380392 56
Journal of Public Policy0002000 0
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing0112004 1
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics0.4535221 4
Journal of Real Estate Research1232324 2
Journal of Regional Science0.2536522 3
Journal of Regulatory Economics0555002 2
Journal of Risk and Insurance0.67354332 4
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty0535001 1
Journal of Socio-Economics1232322 2
Journal of Sports Economics0.5212112 1
Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy0171000 0
Journal of the European Economic Association0.142144343 19
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society)0.33334312 4
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics)0141002 1
Journal of Time Series Analysis1131313 1
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy0.67354721 3
Journal of Urban Economics0.1331331352 22
Kyklos0.1513113232 8
Labour Economics0.1428229352 21
Labour: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial relations1232422 2
Land Economics0.5424312 3
Macroeconomic Dynamics (Washington)0.33646322 3
Macroeconomics Dynamics (Cambridge)0.53174173102 10
Management Science0.1332232252 21
Managerial and Decision Economics0.67333222 3
Marketing Science0626112 3
Mathematical Social Sciences0.5656232 5
National Tax Journal0272003 2
New York Economic Review0.5212112 2
North American Journal of Economics and Finance1232222 2
Open Economies Review0.33334212 3
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics0.2218418442 11
Oxford Economic Papers0.2417319432 12
Pacific Economic Review11611211 1
Pacific-Basin Finance Journal0.67323221 3
Papers in Regional Science1132213 2
Policy Sciences1141413 1
Politics, Philosophy, & Economics0101000 0
Population and Development Review0121000 0
Population and Environment0101000 0
Portugese Economic Journal1131002 1
Post-Communist Economies1333232 3
Psychometrika0101000 0
Public Choice0.1330231272 16
Quantitative Finance0111001 1
Quarterly Journal of Economics0.011051105213 36
RAND Journal of Economics0.0636437452 25
Regional Science and Urban Economics0.5222251112 21
Research in Economics0.3611211232 4
Resource and Energy Economics0.2575212 5
Review of Development Economics0.67367322 3
Review of Economic Dynamics0.2914216332 14
Review of Economic Studies0.0483386563 49
Review of Economics and Statistics0.0683385483 37
Review of Economics of the Household0.2917422382 13
Review of Finance016216211 11
Review of Financial Studies0.0836236222 25
Review of Income and Wealth0.14728112 3
Review of International Economics0.4212513252 11
Review of World Economics0646002 4
Small Business Economics0.410410372 8
Social Choice and Welfare0.6213415382 9
Social Indicators Research1232222 2
Southern Economic Journal0.310310322 10
Space Policy1121112 1
Stochastic Models0202000 0
Strategic Behavior and the Environment1122312 2
The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization0.1513313322 8
The Manchester School1252322 2
The World Economy0.449812451 7
Theoretical Economics0.1118218232 17
Urban Studies0.17636524 6
World Bank Economic Review0.0714315342 10
World Development0.35624633243 37