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Name Department University Field 1 Field 2 Field Comments Advisors Job Market Paper Website Added
Abrahams, Alexei Economics Brown U R O Urban Economics, Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics Nathaniel Baum-Snow, Andrew Foster, David Weil, Nancy Lozano-Gracia Hard Traveling: Commuting and Welfare in the Second Intifada Website 11/06/14
Alexander, Patrick Economics Queen's University F O Beverly Lapham Geography, Value-Added and Gains from Trade: Theory and Empirics Website 12/10/14
Alford, Catherine Economics University of Virginia J I Labor Economics, Health Economics, Public Economics Steve Stern, Leora Friedberg, Sarah Turner High Today Versus Lows Tomorrow: Substance Use, Education, and Employment Choices of Young Men Website 11/10/14
Asenova, Asenka Economics Michigan State University J I Labor Economics, Health Economics, Economics of the Elderly Todd Elder, Stephen Woodbury, Leah Lakdawala, Gábor Kézdi The Effect of Retirement on Mental Health and Social Inclusion of the Elderly Website 11/11/14
Awaya, Yu Economics Penn State C D Website 11/06/14
Awaya, Yu Economics Penn State C D Economic Theory Vijay Krishna (Advisor), Kalyan Chatterjee, Neil Wallace On Tacit versus Explicit Collusion Website 11/06/14
Barr, Andrew Economics University of Virginia H I Public Economics, Economics of Education, Labor Economics Sarah Turner, Leora Friedberg, William Johnson Fighting for Education: Veterans and Financial Aid Website 11/10/14
Bates, Michael Economics Michigan State University J I Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Public Economics, and Industrial Organization Todd Elder (Chair), Michael Conlin, Scott Imberman, Jeffrey Wooldridge Public and Private Learning in the Market for Teachers Website 11/11/14
Belskaya, Olga Economics UNC-CH J I Labor, Education, Development Klara Peter (advisor), David Guilkey, Helen Tauchen The Reversal of the Gender Gap in Higher Education in Russia Website 10/23/14
Blair, Peter Applied Economics The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania R I Urban Economics, Economics of Education, Development Economics, Applied Microeconomic Theory Todd Sinai, Kent Smetters, Fernando Ferreira, Gilles Duranton Neighborhood Tipping Points & Racial Progress 1970-2010 Website 11/19/14
Bossie, Andrew Economics CUNY Graduate Center E N Michael Edelstein Tax Shocks, Financial Channels, and Changes in Output Website 12/14/14
Boulu-Reshef, Beatrice Department of Economics and Darden School of Business University of Virginia B M Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Organizational Economics Post Doc (so letter writers): John B. Davis, Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Charles A. Holt, Ian MacMillan, Anton Ovchinnikov, Melissa C. Thomas-Hunt, Sidney G. Winter Organization Style, Leadership Strategy and Free-Riding Website 12/19/14
Carballo, Jeronimo Department of Economics University of Maryland F C International Trade Nuno Limao (Chair),Rafael Dix-Carneiro, John Shea, Christian Volpe Martincus Global Sourcing Under Uncertainty Website 11/07/14
Chao, Matthew economics CalTEch D Behavioral M. Alvarez, M. Agranov, C. Camerer (Chair), and M. Shum Psychological Incentives in Strategy and Policy: Evidence From the Field and Lab Website 10/27/14
Chapman, Jonathan economics CalTech H N P. Hoffman (Chair), D. R. Kiewiet, J. L. Rosenthal, and E. Snowberg Democratization, mortality and the provision of local public goods in England 1848-1914 Website 10/27/14
Chen, Yi-An Economics University of Washington G E Macro, Financial, applied Econometrics Eric Zivot (Chair), Chang-Jin Kim, Thomas Gilbert Network Risk and Cross Section of Expected Stock Returns Website 10/24/14
Chen, I Economics Brown U D C Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Applied Microeconomics Louis Putterman, Andrew Foster, Pedro Dal Bó Altruism, Identity and Financial Return: An Experiment on Microfinance Lending Website 11/06/14
Chen, Chun-Ting Economics Penn State C D Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory Kalyan Chatterjee (Chair), James Jordan, Edward Green Website 11/06/14
Chen, Chun-Ting Economics Penn State C D Macroeconomics Kalyan Chatterjee (Chair), James Jordan, Edward Green Coordination in Social Networks Website 11/06/14
Cherry, Josh Kellog - MEDS Northwestern University D C Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Information Economics Alvaro Sandroni, Yuval Salant, Lones Smith, Stephen Salant Generalized Sampling Equilibrium Website 12/27/14
Cho, Cheol-Keun Economics Michigan State University C Econometrics, Time Series Analysis Timothy J. Vogelsang, Peter Schmidt, Jeffrey M. Wooldridge, Christine Amsler Fixed-b Inference for Testing Structural Change in a Time Series Regression Website 11/11/14
Christian, Cornelius Economics Oxford O N James Fenske, Paul Collier Website 12/10/14
Clements, Mark Applied Economics The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania G E Behavioral Economics, Asset Pricing, Financial Markets, Macrofinance Kent Smetters, Vincent Glode, Jeremy Tobacman Preference Irrefularities and Asset Pricing Regularities Website 11/19/14
Cruz Sanchez, Hugo Andres Economics Rochester C D Microeconomic Theory, Decision Theory, Game Theory Website 11/06/14
Cruz Sanchez, Hugo Andres Economics Rochester C D Microeconomic Theory, Decision Theory, Game Theory Paulo Barelli (Advisor), Srihari Govindan, Massimiliano Amarante Generalized Subjective Lexicographic Expected Utility Representation Website 11/06/14
Cuba-Borda, Pablo Department of Economics University of Maryland E C Boragan Aruoba (Chair), John Shea, Luminita Stevens “The Effect of the Zero Lower Bound on Aggregate Dynamics During the Great Recession” Website 11/07/14
Daubanes, Julien Economics ETH Zurich (PhD Toulouse School of Economics) Q L Environmental and Resource Econ, IO, Public Econ, Non-Market Strategies Christian Gollier, Pierre Lasserre, Jean-Charles Rochet, Stephen Salant Limit Pricing and the (In)Effectiveness of the Carbon Tax Website 11/18/14
Davoodalhoseini, Mohammad Economics Penn State E C Macroeconomics, Search Theory, Mechanism Design Neil Wallace, Shouyong Shi, Manolis Galenianous Constrained Efficiency with Search and Information Frictions Website 11/06/14
Decker, Ryan Department of Economics University of Maryland E C John Haltiwanger (Chair), Boragan Aruoba, John Shea, Luminita Stevens Collateral Damage: Housing, Entrepreneurship, and Job Creation Website 11/07/14
DeFusco, Anthony Applied Economics The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania R G Real Estate & Urban Economics, Household Finance, Public Finance, Applied Microeconomics Joseph Gyourko, Fernando Ferreira, Gilles Duranton, Todd Sinai, Nikolai Roussanov Homeowner Borrowing and Housing Collateral: New Evidence from Expiring Price Controls Website 11/19/14
Deng, Tuo Economics Rochester E J Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Corporate Finance Yongsung Chang (Advisor), Yan Bai, Ryan Michaels Hiring Practices, Match Quality, and Employment Dynamics Website 11/06/14
Di Casola, Paola Economics Stockholm School of Economics E F Lars Ljungqvist, Tore Ellingsen, David Domeij Domestic and External Sovereign Debt Website 12/18/14
Diercks, Anthony UNC-CH UNC-CH E G DSGE Asset Pricing, Macrofinance, Monetary, International Max Croce, Patrick Conway Asset Pricing and the Welfare Effects of Monetary Policy Website 10/23/14
Dong, Bingbing Economics University of Virginia E Macroeconomics, Computational Economics, Monetary Economics, Finance Eric Young, Chris Otrok, Prof. Toshihiko Mukoyama Forward Guidance and Credible Monetary Policy Website 11/10/14
Effenberger, Alexandra Economics Brown U I J Health Economics, Labor Economics, Development Economics Brian Knight, Anna Aizer, Kenneth Chay, Kaivan Munshi Long-Term Care Insurance in Germany: Labor-Supply Consequences for Informal Caregivers. Website 11/08/14
Ergemen, Yunus Emre Economics Universidad Carlos III C G Econometrics (Long memory and panel data) Carlos Velasco Fractionally Integrated Panel Data Systems Website 11/08/14
Fakos, Alexandros Economics Penn State D L Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics, Industrial Organization Mark J. Roberts (chair), Stephen Ross Yeaple, Paul L. E. Grieco Evaluating an Investment Subsidy Policy through a Structural Econometric Model using Micro-data from Greece Website 11/06/14
Fisher, Geoff economics CalTech D Neuroeconomics, lab M. Agranov, B. Gillen, A. Rangel (Chair), and K. Saito Value Estimation and Comparison in Multi-Attribute Consumer Choice Website 10/27/14
Fizbein, Martin Economics Brown U O E Economic Growth and Development, Macroeconomics, Urban/Regional Economics Oded Galor, David Weil, Stelios Michalopoulos, Jonathan Eaton Agricultural Diversity, Structural Change and Long-run Development: Evidence from US counties" Website 11/06/14
Forbes, Sherry Economics University of Virginia E F Macroeconomics, Empirical Finance, Computational Economics, International Trade Eric Young, John McLaren, Toshihiko Mukoyama, Charles Holt Firm Dynamics over the Business Cycle Website 11/10/14
Grant, Everett Economics University of Virginia E F International Macroeconomics, Economic Crises, Macroeconomics, Computational Economics Eric Young, Alan Taylor, Latchezar Popov Exposure to International Crises: Trade vs Financial Contagion Website 11/10/14
Harrison, Olamide Economics Rochester E G Macroeconomics, Mortgage Finance Ryan Michaels (Advisor), Mark Bils, Yongsung Chang, Ronald Jones (Teaching) Mortgage Repurchases and New Origination Website 11/06/14
Hsu, Hsiu-Fen Economics Michigan State University J C Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Demography, Economics of Education Gary Solon, Steven Haider, Todd Elder Decomposing Changes in the Wage Distribution in Taiwan Website 11/11/14
Hu, Jiao Economics University of Virginia E Macroeconomics, Consumer Finance, Public Finance, Computational Economics Toshihiko Mukoyama , Eric Young, Latchezar Popov Optimal Government Debt with Consumer Bankruptcy Website 11/10/14
Huang, Liquan Economics Rochester C Econometric Theory, Applied Econometrics Bin Chen (Co-Advisor), Nese Yildiz (Co-Advisor), Carol Caetano Nonparametric Testing for Smooth Structural Changes in Panel Data Models Website 11/06/14
Johnson, David Economics University of Calgary D Y Applied Microeconomics, Experimental, Behavioral Don't Say It! Monetary Efficiency Gains Through Uncensored Communication Website 11/10/14
Kagan, Mark Economics VU University Amsterdam Q C Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, Resource Economics, Risk and Uncertainty Cees Withagen, Rick van der Ploeg Climate Change Skepticism in the Face of Catastrophe Website 11/17/14
Ketz, Philipp Economics Brown U C Econometric Theory, Applied Econometrics Frank Kleibergen, Eric Renault, Adam McCloskey, Blaise Melly Testing near or at the Boundary of the Parameter Space Website 11/06/14
Khalil, Umair Economics Rochester D K Applied Microeconomics, Law and Economics, Health Economics, Labor and Demographic Economics Gregorio Caetano (Co-Advisor), Joshua Kinsler (Co-Advisor), Kenneth Chay, Carolina Caetano Do More Guns Lead to More Crime? Understanding the Role of Illegal Firearm Website 11/06/14
Khawand, Christopher Economics Michigan State University Q C Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics Gary Solon (Chair), Soren Anderson, Jeffrey Wooldridge Air Quality, Mortality, and Perinatal Health: Causal Evidence from Wildfires Website 11/11/14
Kim, Soobin Economics Michigan State University J I Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Development Economics Gary Solon, Steven Haider, Christian Ahlin, Barbara Schneider College Enrollment over the Business Cycle: The Role of Supply Constraints Website 11/11/14
Kose, Tekin Economics University of Pittsburgh I D Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Experimental Economics Gender Differences in Self Assessed Health Status: Cross-country Evidence from Turkey and the United States Website 11/12/14
Kreamer, Jonathan Department of Economics University of Maryland E F Anton Korinek (Chair), John Shea (Co-chair), Boragan Aruoba Household Debt, Unemployment, and Slow Recoveries Website 11/07/14
Kucheryavyy, Konstantin Economics Penn State F International Trade Stephen Yeaple (co-chair), Jonathan Eaton (co-chair), Russell Cooper, Andrés Rodríguez-Clare Comparative Advantage under Uncertainty Revisited Website 11/06/14
Kurzendoerfer, Amanda Economics University of Virginia F Q International Trade, Environmental Economics James Harrigan, John McLaren, Ariell Reshef Comparative Advantage, End Use, and the Gains from Trade Website 11/10/14
Lester, Robert Economics Notre Dame E J Macroeconomics, Finacial Economics, Labor Economics Michael Pries (Chair), Timothy Fuerst, Eric Sims Hetergeneous Skill and Wage Rigidity in a DSGE Model Website 10/24/14
Litwok, Daniel Economics Michigan State University J I Labor Economics, Economics of Crime, Economics of Education Steven Haider (chair), Stacy Dickert-Conlin, Jeff Biddle, Leslie Papke The Effects of Juvenile Expungement on Crime, Educational, and Labor Market Outcomes Website 11/11/14
Liu, Heng Economics Rochester C D Mechanism Designs, Dynamic Games, Auctions Srihari Govindan (Co-Advisor), Paulo Barelli (Co-Advisor), Robert Wilson Efficient Dynamic Mechanisms in Environments with Interdependent Valuations Website 11/06/14
Luo, Rong Economics Penn State L D Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics Mark Roberts (Chair), Paul Grieco (Co-Chair), Peter Newberry The Operating System Network Effect and Carriers' Dynamic Pricing of Smartphones Website 11/06/14
Madeira, Tarso Economics University of California, Berkeley I D Health Economics, Behavioral Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics Stefano DellaVigna, David Card, Benjamin Handel The Cost of Removing Deadlines: Evidence from Medicare Part D Website 11/10/14
Martinez, Ignacio Economics University of Virginia I J Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Big Data Analytics Sarah Turner, Leora Friedberg, Denis Nekipelov Never Put Off 'til Tomorrow? Website 11/10/14
Matsumoto, Brett Economics UNC-CH I J Health, Labor, Applied Microeconometrics Donna Gilleskie (advisor), Peter Arcidiacono, Brian McManus, Helen Tauchen Lighting the Fires: Explaining Youth Smoking Initiation and Experimentation in a Model of Rational Addiction with Learning Website 10/23/14
Medhat, Mamdouh Department of Finance Copenhagen Business School G David Lando, Lasse Heje Pedersen Liquidity Risk and Distressed Equity Website 02/26/15
Mookerjee, Sulagna Economics Rochester D O Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Labor and Demographic Economics Gregorio Caetano (Co-Advisor), Joshua Kinsler (Co-Advisor), Nese Yildiz, Michael Wolkoff The Effect of Inheritance Laws on Women's Social Status in India Website 11/06/14
Ngo, Mai Ahn Economics UNC-CH F E International Trade, Economic Development Patrick Conway (advisor), Saraswata Chauduri, Paige Ouimet Innovation and Credit Constraints: Evidence from a Survey of Vietnamese Small and Medium Enterprises Website 10/23/14
Nguyen, Giang Economics UNC-CH G C Financial Econometrics, Market Microstructure Eric Ghysels (advisor), Eric Renault, Michael Fleming Order Flow Segmentation and the Role of Dark Pool Trading in the Price Discovery of US Treasury Securities Website 10/23/14
Nozawa, Wataru Economics Penn State E Macroeconomics Neil Wallace (chair), James Jordan, Russell Cooper, Adrienne Kearney Reconsideration-Proofness with State Variables Website 11/06/14
Nungsari, Melati Economics UNC-CH D L IO, Applied Game Theory, Search and Matching Gary Biglaiser (advisor), Peter Norman, Helen Tauchen Searching for Yourself: A Model of Pricing on a Two-Sided Matching Platform with Horizontally-Differentiated Agents Website 10/23/14
Park, Choonsung Economics Rochester E J Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Computational Economics Mark Bils (Advisor), Yongsung Chang, Ryan Michaels Consumption, Reservation Wages, and Aggregate Labor Supply Website 11/06/14
Petroulakis, Filippos Economics Maryland H F Public Finance, Labor Economics, International Finance Melissa Kearney (chair), Ethan Kaplan, Lesley Turner Labor Supply and Bequest Taxation: Behavioral Responses of Givers Website 12/17/14
Phan, WIlliam Economics Rochester C D Microeconomic Theory, Resource Allocation, Mechanism Design William Thomson (Advisor), Paulo Barelli, Srihari Govindan Efficient and Incentive Compatible Exchange of Real-Time Information Website 10/23/14
Pogorelskiy, Kirill economics and political science CalTech D H K. Border, F. Echenique, J. Ledyard, and T. Palfrey (Chair) Essays on (Sub) Correlated Equilibria Website 10/27/14
Quiroga, Bernardo Laboratory of Economics Management and Auctions, and Supply Chain & Info Systems Penn State C M Experimental Economics, Econometrics, Industrial Organization Brent Moritz (Chair), Dan Guide (Chair), Ed Coulson On The Cost Of Behavioral Ordering: Inventory, Competition and Policy Website 03/02/15
Salas, Jorge Department of Economics University of Maryland E F Macroeconomics, International Economics, Monetary Economics John Shea (Chair), Nuno Limao, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Luminita Stevens A Tale of Two Sectors: Product Differentiation and Price Stickiness in a General Equilibrium Model Website 11/07/14
Sant'Anna, Pedro H.C. Economics Universidad Carlos III C J Econometrics (Policy Evaluation, Nonparametric Methods, Specificatio Testing) Miguel A. Delgado Nonparametric Tests for Conditional Treatment Effects with Duration Outcomes Website 11/08/14
Sarzosa, Miguel Economics University of Maryland J O Labor, Microeconometrics, Development Sergio Urzua (Chair), Sebastian Galiani, John Ham The Dynamic Consequences of Bullying on Skills Accumulation Website 10/24/14
Schramm, Heidi Economics University of Virginia O H Development Economics, Public Economics, Labor Economics Leora Friedberg, Molly Lipscomb, William Johnson The Equilibrium Effects of Income Taxation on Formal and Informal Labor Markets Website 11/10/14
Shin, Wiroy Economics Penn State C D Auction Theory, Macroeconomics, Contract Theory Edward Green (chair), James Jordan, Paul Grieco Simultaneous Auctions for Complementary Goods Website 11/06/14
Sichlimiris, Spyridon Economics Stockholm School of Economics E F Tore Ellingsen, Lars Ljungqvist, Johanna Wallenius Domestic and External Sovereign Debt Website 12/18/14
Smith, Alex Economics University of Virginia I J Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Public Economics Sarah Turner, Leora Friedberg, James Wyckoff The Minimum Wage and Schooling Decisions of Teenagers Website 11/10/14
Spence, Forrest Economics UNC-CH L I Empirical IO, Health Brian McManus (advisor), Donna Gilleskie, Tiago Pires, James Roberts Consumer Experience and the Value of Search in the Online Textbook Market Website 10/23/14
Squires, Tim Economics Brown U O G Development Economics, Economic Growth, Public Finance David Weil, Adam Storeygard, Adam Storeygard, Andrew Foster The Impact of Access to Electricity on Education and Labor: Evidence from Honduras Website 11/06/14
Stacy, Brian Economics Michigan State University J I Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Applied Econometrics Steven Haider, Scott Imberman, Jeffrey Wooldridge, Mark Reckase Ranking Teachers when Teacher Value-Added is Heterogeneous Website 11/11/14
Steinmayr, Andreas Harris School University of Chicago J C Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics, Economics of Migration, Economics of Education, Political Economy Michael Lechner (University of St. Gallen) When a Random Sample is Not Random. Bounds on the Effects of Migration on Household Members Left Behind Website 11/24/14
Steverson, Kai Economics Princeton D C Economic Theory, Search, Political Economy, Applied Game Theory Faruk Gul, Wolfgang Pesendorfer, Steven Morris Mobility and Discrimination in a Search Model Website 10/24/14
Sultanum, Bruno Economics Penn State E G Macroeconomics, Money & Banking Neil Wallace, Russell Cooper, Ruilin Zhao, Ed Nosal Bank fragility in a model of over-the-counter inter-bank market” Website 11/06/14
Sultanum, Bruno Department of Economics The Pennsylvania State University E G Neil Wallace and Russel Cooper Bank fragility and over-the-counter markets Website 11/07/14
Tang, Lixin Department of Economics University of Maryland F O International Trade Nuno Limao (Chair), John Haltiwanger, John Shea Top Income Inequality, Aggregate Saving and the Gains from Trade Website 11/07/14
Tavares, Tiago Economics Rochester E F Sovereign Default, International Macroeconomics, Macroeconomics Yan Bai (Advisor), George Alessandria, Yongsung Chang The Role of International Reserves in Sovereign Debt Restructuring under Fiscal Adjustment Website 11/06/14
Tierney, Ryan Economics Rochester C D Market Design, Combinatorial Auctions, Resource Allocation, Discrete Economies, Networks William Thomson (Advisor), Srihari Govindan, Paulo Barelli Managing Multiple Commons: Strategy-proofness and Min-price Walras Website 11/06/14
Tribin Uribe, Ana Economics Brown U P J Political Economy, Development Economics, Labor Economics Brian Knight, Pedro Dal Bó, James A. Robinson Chasing Votes with the Public Budget Website 11/06/14
Van Parys, Jessica Economics Columbia I J Health, Education, Applied Microeconomics Douglas Almond, Janet Currie, Katherine Ho Do Managed Care Plans Reduce Healthcare Costs? Website 10/25/14
Wang, Yicheng Economics Rochester E J Macroeconomics, Firm Dynamics, Labor Market Dynamics, Household Finance Mark Bils (Advisor), Yongsung Chang, Yan Bai Can Wage Dynamics in Long-Term Employment Relationships Help Mitigate Financial Shock? Website 11/06/14
Wang, Hui Economics Michigan State University J O Labor Economics, Development Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Agricultural Economics Todd Elder (Co-Chair), Songqing Jin (Co-Chair), John Giles, Leah Lakdawala, Thomas Reardon, Jeffrey Wooldridge Fertility and Female Labor Force Participation: Evidence from One Child Policy in China Website 11/11/14
Woolley, Nicholas Economics Oxford University E O DSGE models of venture capital incorporating endogenous growth Martin Ellison Optimism under uncertainty in venture capital Website 12/18/14
Wu, Jieran Economics University of Virginia E G Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Quantitative and Computational Methods Eric Young, Toshihiko Mukoyama, Latchezar Popov Dispersed Information, Excess Volatility, and Business Cycles Website 11/10/14
Yan, Jubo Applied Economics and Management Cornell University D Q Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics Public Economics; Environmental Economics William Schulze; Ted O'Donoghue; David Just; Richard Schuler; Brian Wansink Willingness To Accept and Willingness To Pay for Risky Prospects Website 11/10/14
Yang, Hoonsik Economics Penn State E Macroeconomics Neil Wallace (chair), Shouyong Shi, Ruilin Zhou A beneficial role of government bonds Website 11/06/14
Zevalev, Albert Applied Economics The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania E G Macroeconomics, Household Finance, Macro-Finance, Behavioral Economics, Real Estate Finance, Economic Geography Urban Jermann, Susan Wachter, Enrique Mendoza, Gilles Duranton Regulating Mortgage Leverage: Fire Sales, Foreclosure Spirals and Pecuniary Externalities Website 11/19/14
Zhu, Ling Department of Economics University of Maryland F E International Finance, Quantitative Macroeconomics. Monetary Economics, Political Economy Anton Korinek (Chair),Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Luminita Stevens Employment and Financial Stability: Dual Goals of Capital Flow Management Website 11/07/14