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Name Department University Field 1 Field 2 Field Comments Advisors Job Market Paper Website Added
Akkaya, Yildiz Economics Bilkent University E Econometrics Refet Gurkaynak Uncertainty of Interest Rate Path as a Monetary Policy Instrument Website 11/15/13
Aladangady, Aditya Economics University of Michigan E C Matthew Shapiro, Mel Stephens, Frank Stafford Household Balance Sheets and Monetary Policy Website 11/13/13
Alam, Muneeza Economics Yale University O D Christopher Udry, Daniel Keniston, Mushfiq Mobarak, Larry Samuelson Coping with Blackouts: Power Outages and Firm Choices Website 11/07/13
Alder, Simon Economics University of Zurich O R Fabrizio Zilibotti, Josef Zweimuller, Dominic Rohner Chinese Roads in India: The Effect of Transport Infrastructure on Economic Development Website 12/04/13
Allub, Lian Economics Universidad Carlos III de Madrid E F Also Growth and Development Andrés Erosa Asymmetric Effects of Trade and FDI Website 11/08/13
Alviarez, Vanessa Economics University of Michigan F Andrei Levchenko, Alan Deardorff, Linda Tesar, Kyle Handley Multinational Production and Comparative Advantage ? Website 11/13/13
An, Li Economics Columbia University G Kent Daniel, Patrick Bolton The V-shaped Disposition Effect Website 11/09/13
Andersen, Dana C. Agricultural and Resource Economics University of Maryland Q O Also Corporate Finance, Public Economics Ramón López (Chair), Robert Chambers, Roberton Willliams III Do Credit Constraints Favor Dirty Production? Theory and Plant-Level Evidence Website 11/08/13
Andrews, Isaiah Economics MIT C H Anna Mikusheva, Whitney Newey, Jerry Hausman Conditional Linear Combination Tests for Weakly Identified Models Website 11/07/13
Appendino, Maximiliano Economics Yale University G E Nicholas Barberis, Andrew Metrick, Robert Shiller, Anthony Smith “Lifetime Experience of Volatility: A New Determinant of Household Demand for Stocks” Website 11/07/13
Armand, Alex Economics UCL O D Also Policy Evaluation Pedro Carneiro, Valerie Lechene, Orazio Attanasio, Dennis Kristensen Who wears the trousers in the family? Intra-household resource control, subjective expectations and human capital investment Website 11/07/13
Armendariz, Ramses Economics UMN F L Timothy Kehoe Demand Driven Firms Size Distribution and International Trade Website 11/12/13
Arons, Robert Economics Rochester I J Gregorio Caetano (Co-Advisor), Josh Kinsler (Co-Advisor), Ne?e Y?ld?z Do HMOs Lead to Less Preventive Care and More Undiagnosed Chronic Conditions Among the Near Elderly? Website 11/07/13
Artunç, Cihan Economics Yale University N K Timothy Guinnane, Naomi Lamoreaux, Larry Samuelson "Legal Pluralism, Contracts, and Trade in the Ottoman Empire" Website 11/07/13
Asik, Gunes Economics LSE J E Christopher Pissarides (Supervisor) Stabilization Funds in Oil-Rich Countries and Fiscal Policy: (A)cyclicality? Website 11/07/13
Atalay, Enghin Economics University of Chicago E L Ali Hortaçsu (Chair), Chad Syverson, Nancy Stokey, Thomas Chaney How Important Are Sectoral Shocks? Website 11/07/13
Auerbach, Jan Economics WUSTL C O Costas Azariadis (chair), Rodolfo Manuelli, John Nachbar Political competition over property rights enforcement Website 11/07/13
Auster, Sarah Economics EUI D Piero Gottardi, David Levine, Balazs Szentes Adverse Selection Under Ambiguity Website 11/09/13
Aygun, Orhan Economics Boston College D Tayfun Sönmez, M. Utku Ünver, Hideo Konishi College Admission with Multidimensional Reserves: The Brazilian Affirmative Action Case Website 11/13/13
Bagchi, Sutirtha Economics University of Michigan H Labor and Political Economics Joel Slemrod, James Hines Jr, Jagadeesh Sivadasan, Jan Svejnar The Effects of Political Competition on the Funding and Generosity of Public-Sector Pension Plans Website 11/13/13
Bahaj, Saleem Economics University of Cambridge E F Donald Robertson, Giancarlo Corsetti, Morten O Ravn, Marek Jarocinski Systemic Sovereign Risk: Macroeconomic Implications in the Euro Area Website 11/13/13
Bahar, Dany Public Policy / Economics Harvard F O Helpman, Hausmann, Antras and Alfaro Heavier than Air? Knowledge Transmission within the Multinational Firm Website 11/08/13
Bai, Xue Economics Penn State F L Kala Krishna (chair), Mark Roberts, James Tybout, Russell Cooper How You Export Matters: Export Mode, Learning, and Productivity in China Website 11/07/13
Bailey, James Economics Temple University I J Douglas Webber, Michael Leeds, Erwin Blackstone Health Insurance and the Supply of Entrepreneurs: New Evidence from the Affordable Care Act's Dependent Coverage Mandate Website 11/15/13
Baker, Richard Economics Boston University B J Robert A. Margo From the Field to the Classroom: The Boll Weevil’s Impact on Education in Rural Georgia Website 11/13/13
Baker, Scott Economics Stanford J H Also Macro Nicholas Bloom, Ran Abramitzky, Caroline Hoxby, Luigi Pistaferri Leverage-Driven Consumption Response to Household Income Shocks Website 11/07/13
Baller, Silja Economics Oxford L F Beata Javorcik, Peter Neary Product Quality, Market Size and Welfare: Theory and Evidence from French Exporters Website 11/08/13
Bandyopadhyay, Atanu Economics Boston University D E Christophe Chamley Social Learning with Payoff Externality: Why Some Learn while Others Do Not Website 11/13/13
Barrera, Catherine Economics Harvard J O. Hart, P. Aghion, E. Van den Steen Employment versus Contracting and the Timing of Hires: The Role of Urgency and Uncertainty Website 11/07/13
Basu, Somdutta Economics Penn State D M Kalyan Chatterjee (chair), Steven Huddart, Vaidyanathan Venkateswaran, Vijay Krishna Reputation for Two Audiences: Rating Agencies, Auditors and Issuer-Pays Markets. Website 11/07/13
Baydur, Ismail Economics University of Virginia E J Toshihiko Mukoyama, Hernan Moscoso Boedo, Eric Young Worker Selection, Hiring and Vacancies Website 11/11/13
Begenau, Julianne Economics Stanford E G Monika Piazzesi, Pablo Kurlat, Martin Schneider Risk Choice and Liquidity Provision in a Business Cycle Model Website 11/07/13
Beland, Louis-Philippe Economics University of Montreal J H Education Baris Kaymak, Daniel Parent, Jennifer Hunt, David Card Political Parties and Labor Market Outcomes. Evidence from U.S. States Website 11/07/13
Benguria, Felipe Economics University of Virginia F J also IO James Harrigan, John McLaren, Ariell Reshef, Alan Taylor Production and Distribution in International Trade: Evidence from Matched Exporter-Importer Data Website 11/12/13
Berenguer-Rico, Vanessa Economics Oxford C E Econometrics Steve Bond, David Hendry, Bent Nielsen Co-summability and NLLS Regressions: Generalizing Co-integration for Nonlinear Models Website 11/08/13
Best, Michael Economics LSE O H Henrik Kleven, Oriana Bandiera (Supervisors) Website 11/07/13
Bhandari, Anmol Pavin Economics NYU E G Thomas Sargent, Tim Cogley, Mikhail Golosov Doubts, Asymmetries, and Insurance Website 11/11/13
Bhave, Aditya Economics University of Chicago E L Harald Uhlig (Chair), Robert E. Lucas, Jr., Eric Budish Optimal Opacity in a General Equilibrium Model of Banking Website 11/07/13
Bianchi, Daniele Finance Bocconi G Asset Pricing, Real Estate Finance Massimo Guidolin, Carlos M. Carvalho, Paolo Colla Real-Time Learning, Macroeconomic Uncertainty, and the Variance Risk Premium Website 11/07/13
Biroli, Pietro Economics University of Chicago J I James J. Heckman (Chair), Steven N. Durlauf, Gabriella Conti Gene and Economics Interaction in the Formation of Human Capital: the Case of Obesity Website 11/07/13
Bizzotto, Jacopo Economics Boston University G L Andrew F. Newman Certifier Competition and Product Quality Website 11/13/13
Bjuggren, Carl Magnus Economics Linköping University J L Applied microeconomics Dan Johansson, Hans Sjögren The Effect of Employment Protection on Firm Productivity – A Natural Experiment Website 12/03/13
Block, Juan Economics WUSTL C D David K. Levine (chair), John Nachbar, Paulo Natenzon Timing and Codes of Conduct Website 11/07/13
Bó, Inácio Economics Boston College D L M. Utku Ünver, Tayfun Sönmez, Uzi Segal Fair Implementation of Diversity in School Choice Website 11/13/13
Boehm, Johannes Economics LSE E L Francesco Caselli, Luis Garicano, Catherine Thomas, Veronica Rappoport The Impact of Contract Enforcement Costs on Outsourcing and Aggregate Productivity Website 11/07/13
Boichev, Georgi Economics Simon Fraser University H O Alexander Karaivanov, Anke Kessler, Chris Muris Essays on Social Capital and State Capacity: Tracing the Origins of Welfare States Website 11/13/13
Borovi?ková, Katarína Economics University of Chicago E J Robert Shimer (Chair), Nancy Stokey, Steve Davis What Drives Labor Market Flows? Website 11/07/13
Bracke, Phillippe Economics LSE R E Professor Silvana Tenreyro (Supervisor) House Prices and Rents: Micro Evidence from a Matched Dataset in Central London Website 11/07/13
Braga, Breno Economics University of Michigan J I John Bound, Charlie Brown, David Lam Schooling, Experience, Career Interruptions, and Earnings Website 11/13/13
Briglevics, Tamás Economics Boston College E Peter Ireland, Susanto Basu, Scott Schuh Consumer Bankruptcy Protection as Insurance Against Business Cycles Website 11/13/13
Brooks, Benjamin Economics Princeton University D C Dilip Abreu, Stephen Morris, Dirk Bergemann, Sylvain Chassang Surveying and Selling: Belief and Surplus Extraction in Auctions Website 11/07/13
Brown, Ryan Economics Duke University O J Also Health Erica Field, Elizabeth Frankenberg, Seth Sanders, Duncan Thomas The Mexican Drug War and Ealry-Life Health: The Impact of Violent Crime Website 11/07/13
Brutti, Filippo Economics University of Zurich E F Fabrizio Zilibotti, Dirk Niepelt, Jaume Ventura Repatriation of Debt in the Euro Crisis: Evidence for the Secondary Market Theory Website 12/04/13
Buessing, Marric G. Economics Boston University D J Andrew F. Newman Vertical Integration and Regulation in US Coal Production Website 11/13/13
Bundick, Brent Economics Boston College E Susanto Basu, Peter Ireland, Ryan Chahrour Forward Guidance Under Uncertainty Website 11/13/13
Burkander, Paul Economics Michigan State University J Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Economics of Education Gary Solon (Chair), Todd Elder, Michael Conlin, Jeffrey Wooldridge The Causal Effect of School Reform: Evidence from California's Quality of Education Investment Act Website 11/30/13
Byker, Tanya Economics University of Michigan J O Martha Bailey, Jeffrey Smith, David Lam, Murray Leibbrandt The Role of Paid Parental Leave in Reducing Women's Career Interruptions: Evidence from Paid Leave Laws in California and New Jersey Website 11/13/13
Cai, Jinghan Economics Boston College D Z Financial Economics Zhijie Xiao, Donald Cox, Jun Qian, Georg Strasser Do Fools Rush in? IPOs and Investor Sophistication Website 11/13/13
Cai, Daolu Economics UMN J E Jose-Victor Rios-Rull Divorce Divide: The Story of Two Women Website 11/12/13
Calonico, Sebastian Economics University of Michigan C J Matias Cattaneo, Jeffrey Smith, Richard Hirth Identifying Distributional Effects of Teachers and Peers in Nonseparable Models Website 11/13/13
Campbell, Doug Economics UC Davis F N Also Open-Economy Macro Chris Meissner, Paul Bergin, Robert Feenstra, Greg Clark Relative Prices, Hysteresis, and the Decline of American Manufacturing Website 11/12/13
Caunedo, Julieta Economics WUSTL E C Rodolfo Manuelli (Chair), Yongseok Shin, Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis Industry Dynamics, Investment and Business Cycles Website 11/07/13
Chan, Hei Sing (Ron) Economics University of Maryland Q L Energy, Environmental Maureen Cropper (Chair), Andrew Sweeting, Roberton Williams III How Large are the Cost Savings from Emissions Trading? An Evaluation of the U.S. Acid Rain Program Website 11/08/13
Chandler, Vincent Economics Queen's University J H Applied Steven Lehrer, Robin Boadway and Vincent Pohl Screening Discrimination in the Allocation of Graduate Scholarships Website 11/08/13
Chang, Seongyeon Economics Boston University C G Pierre Perron Asymptotic Validity of Bootstrap Methods for a Structural Break in Trend Website 11/13/13
Chaturvedi, Rakesh Economics Penn State C D Kalyan Chatterjee (chair), Neil Wallace, James Jordan, Vijay Krishna An Efficient Bargaining Mechanism for Strictly Supermodular Coalitional Games- Random Proposer Protocol Website 11/07/13
Chaurey, Ritam Economics Columbia University O Eric Verhoogen Location-Based Tax Incentives: Evidence from India Website 11/09/13
Chen, Tianxu Economics Boston University I J Randall P. Ellis Health Insurance Coverage and Marriage Behavior: Is There Evidence of Marriage-Lock? Website 11/13/13
Chen, Uniko Economics University of Michigan J C John Bound, Charlie Brown, Brian McCall The Impact of the Expansion in Post-Secondary Education on the University Wage Premium in Taiwan Website 11/13/13
Chen, Yi-Yi Economics WUSTL D C David K. Levine (chair), Marcus Berliant, Juan Pantano, Joseph Tao-yi Wang, Randall Calvert Promoting Group Productivity: A Tournament-Based Mechanism Website 11/07/13
Chen, Cheng Economics Princeton University F L Organizational Economics and Macro Development Gene Grossman, Stephen Redding, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Hideshi Itoh Management Quality, Firm Organization and International Trade Website 11/07/13
Cho, Cheol-Keun Economics Michigan State University C Econometrics, Time Series Econometrics Timothy J. Vogelsang (Chair), Peter Schmidt, Jeffrey M. Wooldridge, Christine Amsler Fixed-b Inference for Testing Structural Change in a Time Series Regression Website 11/30/13
Choi, Jin-Young Economics Boston College C Arthur Lewbel, Stefan Hoderlein, Zhijie Xiao Are Twins the Same? Heavily Censored Semiparametric Panel Estimation with Fixed Effects Website 11/13/13
Choi, Kwang-shin Economics Arizona State C D Seung Ahn, Michael Keane, Sungho Park, Nancy Roberts Finite sample properties of structural estimators Website 11/07/13
Christensen, Timothy Economics Yale University C G Xiaohong Chen, Peter Phillips, Donald Andrews Estimating the Long-Run Implications of Dynamic Asset Pricing Models Website 11/07/13
Chung, Sungsam Economics Michigan State University O C Development, Econometrics Christian R. Ahlin (Chair) Why do Micro?nance Institutions Charge High Interest Rates? An Empirical Assessment of the Fixed Cost Theory Website 11/30/13
Cook, Adam Economics SUNY at Buffalo C I Isaac Ehrlich Human Capital Asset Protection Behavior Website 12/06/13
Corinth, Kevin Economics University of Chicago D H Casey Mulligan (Chair), Steven Levitt, Jens Ludwig Helping Markets Website 11/07/13
Covert, Thomas Business Economics Harvard University L G Also Environmental Ariel Pakes, Gregory Lewis, Bharat Anand, Parag Pathak Experiential and Social Learning in Firms: The Case of Hydraulic Fracturing in the Bakken Shale Website 12/12/13
Cronin, Christopher Economics UNC - Chapel Hill I J Applied Micro Donna Gilleskie (Chair), Brian McManus, David Guilkey, Helen Tauchen Insurance-Induced Moral Hazard: A Dynamic Model of Within-Year Medical Care Decision Making Under Uncertainty Website 11/07/13
Crouzet, Nicolas Economics Columbia University E G Ricardo Reis, Patrick Bolton Corporate debt structure and the macroeconomy Website 11/09/13
Cunningham, Jamein Economics University of Michigan J Economics of Crime Martha Bailey, Charlie Brown, Mel Stephens More Lawyers, More Crime? The Impact of the OEO Legal Service Program on Crime Website 11/13/13
Danese, Giuseppe Economics Simon Fraser University D K Behavioural and Experimental Economics Jasmina Arifovic, Gregory Dow, Lorenzo Sacconi Trustees and agents in corporate governance Website 11/13/13
Danziger, Eliay Economics Princeton University F E Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Gene Grossman, Stephen Redding Skill Acquisition and the Dynamics of Trade-Induced Inequality Website 11/07/13
Darai, Donja Economics University of Zurich D L Armin Schmutzler, Roberto Weber, Ernst Fehr Attraction and Cooperative Behavior Website 12/04/13
Davis, Andrew Economics Rochester E G Ryan Michaels (Main Advisor), Yongsung Chang, Mark Bils Sectoral Comovement and Labor Market Flows Website 11/07/13
De Oliveira, Henrique Economics Northwestern University D Micro Theory Eddie Dekel (Committee Chair), Todd Sarver, Marciano Siniscalchi Axiomatic Foundations for Entropic Costs of Attention Website 11/08/13
de Oliveira Souza, Thiago ECARES, Solvay Brussels School EM Universite libre de Bruxelles G C Empirical Asset Pricing David Veredas, Marcelo Fernandes Discount rates, market frictions and the mystery of the size premium Website 12/07/13
Del Carpio, Lucia Economics Princeton University D O Roland Bénabou, Alex Mas, Angus Deaton Are the Neighbors Cheating? Evidence from a Social Norm Experiment on Property Taxes in Peru Website 11/07/13
DeRemer, David Economics Columbia University F K Kyle Bagwell Domestic Policy Coordination in Imperfectly Competitive Markets. Website 11/09/13
Dingel, Jonathan Economics Columbia University F R Donald Davis The Determinants of Quality Specialization Website 11/09/13
Dmitriev, Mikhail Economics Boston College E F Susanto Basu, Fabio Ghironi, Peter Ireland, Fabio Schiantarelli The Financial Accelerator and the Optimal Lending Contract Website 11/13/13
Dogan, Battal Economics Rochester D C William Thomson (Main Advisor), Paulo Barelli, Srihari Govindan Responsive Affirmative Action in School Choice Website 11/07/13
Dominguez, Camilo Economics Yale University O C Christopher Udry, Michael Boozer, T. Paul Schultz Aggregate effects on the marriage market of a big increase in educational attainment Website 11/07/13
Dong, Feng Economics WUSTL E G Stephen Williamson (Chair) , Costas Azariadis, Yongseok Shin, Yi Wen Unemployment and Capital Misallocation Website 11/07/13
Doniger, Cynthia Economics University of Michigan J E Dmitriy Stolyarov, Jeffrey Smith, Matthew Shapiro Labor search, inequality, and public policy Website 11/13/13
Duh, Josephine Economics Princeton University O I Angus Deaton, Jeffrey Hammer, Uwe Reinhardt Spillovers of AIDS Treatment on Maternal & Child Health Services in Sub-Saharan Africa Website 11/07/13
Duquette, Nicolas Economics University of Michigan H N James Hines Jr, Martha Bailey, Paul Rhode, Joel Slemrod Do Tax Incentives Affect Charitable Contributions? Evidence from Public Charities’ Reported Revenues Website 11/13/13
Duras, Jan Economics UMN E J Public Economics Jose-Victor Rios-Rull Amplification of Shocks in a Model with Labor and Goods Market Search Website 11/12/13
Dutta, Souvik Economics Penn State D O Kalyan Chatterjee (chair), Barry W. Ickes, Vaidyanathan Venkateswaran, Sona Golder Ethnic Conflict and Civic Engagement Website 11/07/13
Dvorkin, Maximiliano Economics Yale University E J Giuseppe Moscarini, Aleh Tsyvinski, Anthony Smith, Costas Arkolakis Sectoral Shocks, Reallocation and Unemployment in Competitive Labor Markets Website 11/07/13
Eder, Christoph Economics Simon Fraser University O Anke Kessler, Simon Woodcock, Chris Muris Missing Men: World War II Casualties and Structural Change Website 11/13/13
Edwards, James Economics University of Chicago L D John List (Chair), Brent Hickman, Günter Hitsch Organizational Behavior, Efficiency, and Dynamics in Non-Profit Markets Website 11/07/13
Enayati, Hassan Economics Michigan State University I J Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics Todd Elder (Chair), Steven Haider, Scott Imberman, Gary Troia The Impact of Disproportionality Regulations on Identi?cation into Special Education Programs Website 11/30/13
Erdogdu, Erkan Cambridge Judge Business School University of Cambridge L Q Energy economics Dr. Michael Pollitt, Prof. David Newbery The political economy of electricity market liberalization: a cross-country approach Website 12/18/13
Espin-Sanchez, Jose-Antonio Economics Northwestern University B L Joel Mokyr (Committee Chair), Joseph Ferrie, Regina Grafe, Robert Porter The Illiquidity of Water Markets Website 11/08/13
Espinosa, Silvia Economics UCL D O Orazio Attanasio Household Participation in Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes: A Structural Analysis of Mexico's Urban Oportunidades Website 11/07/13
Evdokimov, Piotr Economics UMN D Y Experimental Economics, Microeconomics David Rahman and Aldo Rustichini Cooperative Institutions Website 11/12/13
Evrin, Alperen Economics UMN O E V.V. Chari International Specialization in Research & Development Website 11/12/13
Fang, Ryan Y. Economics University of Chicago D F Philip Reny (Chair), Roger Myerson, Hugo Sonnenschein Media Bias, Political Polarization, and the Merits of Fairness Website 11/07/13
Fanning, Jack Economics NYU A Theory, Experimental Economics, Political Economy Ennio Stacchetti, David Pearce, Joyee Deb Reputational Bargaining and Deadlines Website 11/11/13
Farboodi, Maryam Economics University of Chicago G E Douglas Diamond (Co-Chair), Lars Peter Hansen (Co-Chair), Raghuram Rajan (Co-Chair), Zhigou He Intermediation and Voluntary Exposure to Counterparty Risk Website 11/07/13
Farfan, Gabriela Economics Duke University O D Erica Field, Alessandro Tarozzi, Duncan Thomas Extended Families across Mexico and the United States Website 11/07/13
Farinha Luz, Vitor Economics Yale University C D Dirk Bergemann, Johannes Horner, Larry Samuelson Dynamic Competitive Insurance Website 11/07/13
Farrell, Max Economics University of Michigan C Econometric Theory Matias Cattaneo, Lutz Kilian, Jeffrey Smith Robust Inference on Average Treatment E Website 11/13/13
Feigenberg, Benjamin Economics MIT O J Priced Out: Aggregate Income Shocks and School Pricing in the Chilean Voucher Market Website 11/08/13
Feng, Felix Zhiyu Economics Duke University G D Attila Ambrus, Barney Hartman-Glaser, Adriano Rampini, Curtis Taylor, Vish Viswanathan Uncertainty Shocks and Dynamic Compensation under Limited Commitment Website 11/07/13
Ferrante, Francesco Economics NYU E G Mark Gertler, Jaroslav Borovicka, Douglas Gale A Model of Endogenous Loan Quality and the Collapse of the Shadow Banking System Website 11/11/13
Ferraro, Domenico Economics Duke University E F Francesco Bianchi, Craig Burnside, Nir Jaimovich, Pietro Peretto Job Destruction, Job Rationing and the Asymmetric Busniess Cycle Website 11/07/13
Ferreira, Thiago R. T. Economics Northwestern University E Lawrence Christiano (Committee Chair), Janice Eberly, Giorgio Primiceri Financial Volatility and its Economic Effects Website 11/08/13
Filippini, Federico Economics NYU E G Also Industrial Organization A Model of Cross-Market Premium Website 11/11/13
Foarta, Octavia Dana Economics MIT E H Public Finance and Political Economy Partial Banking Unions, Electoral Control, and Welfare Website 11/08/13
Forsythe, Eliza Economics MIT J Personnel and Organizational as well Prof. Robert Gibbons, Prof. Daron Acemoglu, Prof. David Autor Why Don’t Firms Hire Young Workers During Recessions? Website 11/08/13
Fradkin, Andrey Economics Stanford L J Also Applied Micro Jon Levin, Liran Einav, Caroline Hoxby, Luigi Pistaferri Search Frictions and the Design of Online Marketplaces Website 11/07/13
Fragiadakis, Daniel Economics Stanford D Focus on Behavioural and Experimental Muriel Niederle, Fuhito Kojima, Al Roth Improving Welfare in Assignment Problems: An Experimental Investigation Website 11/07/13
Frazier, David Economics UNC - Chapel Hill C G Eric Renault Maximization By Parts in Semiparametric Models Website 11/11/13
Fujii, Daisuke Economics University of Chicago F E Samuel Kortum (Chair), Nancy Stokey, Robert E. Lucas, Jr. International Trade Dynamics with Sunk Costs and Productivity Shocks Website 11/07/13
Galiana, Isabel Economics McGill Q Y Energy Ngo Van Long, Chris Green Low Carbon Innovation Cost-sharing Website 11/13/13
Galindo-Silva, Hector Economics University of Montreal H Political Economy Alessandro Riboni, Raphaël Godefroy, Arianna Degan New Parties and Policy Outcomes: Theory and Evidence from Colombian Local Governments Website 11/07/13
Gao, Zhenyu Economics Princeton University G C Wei Xiong, David Sraer, Wenli Li Housing Boom and Bust with Elastic Supplies Website 11/07/13
Garcia, Italo Economics UCL C O Also Labor, Policy Evaluation Costas Meghir, Orazio Attanasio, Pedro Carneiro, Emanuela Galasso Website 11/07/13
Gaubert, Cecile Economics Princeton University F R Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Stephen Redding, Gene Grossman Firm Sorting and Agglomeration Website 11/07/13
Gearhart III, Richard Economics Clemson University H J Also Applied Econometrics, Health Paul W. Wilson (Chair), Raymond D. Sauer, Robert K. Fleck, Dan Miller Demand for Preventive and Reactive Medicine: A Theoretical Analysis of Obesity and Diabetes Trends over Time Website 11/23/13
George, Chacko Economics UT Austin E C Matthias Kehrig, Olivier Coibion, Andrew Glover Bank Size, Leverage, and Financial Downturns Website 11/07/13
Giambattista, Eric Matthew Economics NYU E F David Backus, Thomas Sargent, Nazgul Jenish, Tim Cogley Long-term Debt, Contagion and Sovereign Default Website 11/11/13
Gideon, Michael Economics University of Michigan H Publie Finance, Survey Research Matthew Shapiro, Robert Willis, Joel Slemrod Survey Measurement of Tax Rates: Estimation and Behavioral Implications Website 11/13/13
Gihleb, Rania Economics Boston University J C Claudia Olivetti Dynamic Effects of Educational Assortative Mating on Labor Supply Website 11/13/13
Gochenour, Zachary Economics George Mason University P D Bryan Caplan The Political Externalities of Immigration Website 11/07/13
Gomez Lemmen Meyer, Ana Economics Stanford H L Liran Einav, Matt Harding, Jon Levin Pricing Mechanisms in Peer-to-Peer Online Credit Markets Website 11/07/13
Gomez-Gonzalez, Patricia Economics MIT F E Prof. Ivan Werning, Prof. Alp Simsek, Prof. George-Marios Angeletos Financial Innovation in Sovereign Borrowing and Public Provision of Liquidity Website 11/08/13
Good, Michael Economics Florida International University F J Economics of Migration Cem Karayalcin, Jesse Bull, Kaz Miyagiwa, Hakan Yilmazkuday Geographic Proximity and the Pro-trade Effect of Migration: State-level Evidence from Mexican Migrants in the United States Website 11/08/13
Goodman-Bacon, Andrew Economics University of Michigan J I Martha Bailey, John DiNardo, John Bound, Helen Levy Public Insurance and Mortality: Evidence from Medicaid Implementation Website 11/13/13
Goodspeed, Tyler History Harvard University N O Richard Hornbeck, Niall Ferguson, Emma Rothschild, Benjamin Friedman Famine, Finance, and Adjustment to Environmental Shock: Microcredit and the Great Famine in Ireland Website 11/30/13
Goussé, Marion Economics Sciences Po Paris D J Marriage Market and Intra-Household Allocation Website 11/16/13
Graetz, Georg Economics LSE J E Rise of the Machines: The Effects of Labour-Saving Innovations on Jobs and Wages Website 11/07/13
Grodzicki, Daniel Economics Stanford L G Public Finance Tim Bresnahan, Liran Einav, Nick Bloom, Jonathan Levin Competition and Customer Acquisition in the Credit Card Market Website 11/07/13
Grundl, Serafin Economics University of Wisconsin Madison L Ken Hendricks, Amit Gandhi, Alan Sorensen Estimating Dynamic Demand in Differentiated Durable Good Markets Using Price Alert Thresholds Website 11/07/13
Guceri, Irem Economics Oxford C D Applied Econometrics , Applied Microeconomics , Public Economics Steve Bond Tax incentives and R&D: an evaluation of the 2002 UK reform using micro data Website 11/08/13
Gunes, Pinar M. Agricultural and Resource Economics University of Maryland O I Also Demographics, Applied Econometrics Kenneth L. Leonard (Chair), Jere R. Behrman, Anna Alberini, Joan R. Kahn The Role of Maternal Education in Child Health: Evidence from a Compulsory Schooling Law Website 11/08/13
Guo, Yingni Economics Yale University C D Johannes Horner, Larry Samuelson, Dirk Bergemann Website 11/07/13
Ha, Minwook Economics University of Texas at Dallas F Q Also, Econometrics Donggyu Sul Uncovered Interest Parity and Global Risk Premium Website 11/21/13
Hacamo, Isaac Haas School Of Business University of California at Berkeley G J Household Finance, Macroeconomics Annette Vissing-Jorgensen, Adair Morse and Atif Mian Finance and Welfare: The Effect of Access to Credit on Family Structure Website 12/10/13
Hackmann, Martin Economics Yale University L I Philip Haile, Amanda Kowalski, Steven Berry The Welfare Effects of Provider Reimbursement Rates: Evidence from the Nursing Home Industry Website 11/07/13
Hall, Jonathan Economics University of Chicago D R Gary Becker (Chair), Eric Budish, Brent Hickman, Marco Nie Pareto Improvements from Lexus Lanes: The Effects of Pricing a Portion of the Lanes on Congested Highways Website 11/07/13
Harris, Wesley Economics Clemson University H G Also Monetary, Applied Econometrics William R. Dougan (Chair), Robert K. Fleck, Patrick L. Warren, Robert D. Tollison Urban Blues? The Impact of Population Density on Electoral Preferences Website 11/23/13
Harrison, Olamide Economics Rochester E G Ryan Michaels (Main Advisor), Ronald Jones (Teaching) Mortgage Repurchases and New Origination Website 11/07/13
Heinsalu, Sander Economics Yale University C D Johannes Horner, Larry Samuelson, Eduardo Faingold Noisy signaling over time Website 11/07/13
Held, Brian Economics University of Western Ontario J Applied Econometrics, Search and Matching, Computational Audra Bowlus (Supervisor), Salvador Navarro, Lance Lochner Learning and Employer Skill Requirements: Theory and Evidence Website 11/16/13
Heller, Yuval Economics Oxford D Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Behavioural Economics Vincent Crawford, H Peyton Young Three Steps Ahead Website 11/08/13
Hellwig, Klaus-Peter Economics NYU E G and International Intermediaries in a Decentralized Market with Information Frictions: Facilitators or Bottlenecks? Website 11/11/13
Hembre, Erik Economics University of Wisconsin Madison H J John Karl Scholz, Chris Taber, Morris Davis HAMP and the Dynamic Default Decision Website 11/09/13
Hill, Elaine Applied Economics Cornell University I Q David Sahn, John Cawley, George Jakubson The Impact of Oil and Gas Extraction on Infant Health in Colorado Website 12/17/13
Hoddenbagh, Jonathan Economics Boston College F E Fabio Ghironi, Peter Ireland, Eyal Dvir The Optimal Design of a Fiscal Union Website 11/13/13
Hofmann, Anett Economics LSE O D Dr Gharad Bryan When Commitment Fails - Evidence from a Regular Saver Product in the Philippines Website 11/07/13
Hollenbeck, Brett Economics UT Austin L C Eugenio Miravete (co-chair), Stephen Ryan (co-chair), Allan Collard-Wexler, David Sibley The Spread of Chain Affiliation: Efficiency or Market Power? Website 11/07/13
Hou, Jie Economics Boston University C L Pierre Perron Modified Local Whittle Memory Parameter Estimation of Long Memory Process in the Presence of Low Frequency Contaminations Website 11/13/13
Hsu, Lin-chi Economics University of Washington J H Also policy evaluation Elaina Rose The Timing of Welfare Payments and Domestic Violence Website 12/01/13
Hu, Weiwei Economics Duke University D J Education as well Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Peter Arcidiacono, Parag Pathak Neighborhood Interactions and School Choices: Evidence from the New York City Website 11/07/13
Huang, Peng Economics Boston University G E Zvi Bodie Concerns about Government Guarantee Cost: Revisiting the Incentives Regarding the Issuance of Inflation-Linked Bonds Website 11/13/13
Hughes, Ryan Economics University of Chicago G E John Cochrane (Chair), Lars Peter Hansen, Tarek Hassan Common Factors in Foreign Exchange Returns Website 11/07/13
Hyman, Joshua Economics University of Michigan J I Susan Dynarski, Brian Jacob, Jeffrey Smith, John Bound Does Money Matter in the Long Run? Effects of School Spending on Educational Attainment Website 11/13/13
Hyun, Junghwan Economics Michigan State University E Macroeconomics, Financial Markets Raoul Minetti (Chair), Chun (Susan) Zhu, Luis Araujo, Chong-Hyun Nam Credit Reallocation, Deleveraging, and Financial Crises Website 11/30/13
Iles, Richard Economics Griffith University (Australia) I D Informal sector, South Asian health system Saroja Selvanathan; J.V Meenakshi; John Rosei Demand for primary healthcare in rural north India Website 12/05/13
Imbrogno, Jason Economics Carnegie Mellon University I D Dennis Epple, Holger Sieg The Efficacy of a Pre-Algebra Cognitive Tutor in Chile and Mexico Website 11/18/13
Jaber, Ahmed Economics Cornell University D I Applied Micro; Political Economy, Health, Behavioral Stephen Coate, Daniel Benjamin, Dean Lillard Broadband Internet and Political Behavior: Evidence from the United States Website 11/20/13
Jain, Anil Economics MIT O G Also Organizational Prof. Abhijit V. Banerjee, Prof. Esther Duflo, Prof. Robert Gibbons, Prof. Robert M. Townsend How Public Information Affects Asymmetrically Informed Lenders: Evidence from a Credit Registry Reform Website 11/08/13
James, Alexander Economics Oxford Q H Also Regional, Growth Jason Shogren, Charles Mason, Kerry Smith, David Aadland, Tony Venables U.S. State Fiscal Policy and Natural Resources Website 12/12/13
Jancec, Matija Economics University of Maryland H J Also Institutional Economics Peter Murrell (Chair), Ethan Kaplan, Sergio Urzua The Costs of Adapting to a New Cultural Environment: Examining Immigrants' Outcomes Website 11/08/13
Jinkins, David Economics Penn State F O James Tybout (chair), Jonathan Eaton, Kala Krishna Peer Learning, Labor Movement, and Knowledge Diffusion Website 11/07/13
Joo, Hyungseok Economics Boston University E G Simon Gilchrist Sovereign Default Risk, Fiscal Adjustment, and Debt Renegotiation Website 11/13/13
Jung, Yeonjei Economics Michigan State University L Industrial Organization Jay Pil Choi (Chair), Carl Davidson, Thomas D. Jeitschko, Steven Wildman On the Strategic Choice of Add-on Pricing Policies Website 11/30/13
Kacker, Kanishka Agricultural and Resource Economics University of Maryland Q L Energy and Environmental. Also New Institutional Economics Roberton C. Williams III (Chair), Peter Murrell, Anna Alberini Regulation and Contract Design: The Impact of Relationship Specific Investment Website 11/08/13
Kaffo Melou, Maximilien Economics University of Montreal C Econometrics (applied and theory) Sílvia Gonçalves, Russell Davidson, Marc Henry Bootstrap inference for nonlinear dynamic panel data models with individual fixed effects Website 11/07/13
Karakaya, Mete Economics University of Chicago G E John Cochrane (Chair), Bryan T. Kelley, Ralph S.J. Koijen, ?uboš Pàstor Characteristics and Expected Returns in Individual Equity Options Website 11/07/13
Kaul, Tara Economics University of Maryland O H Melissa Kearney (Co-Chair), Jessica Goldberg (Co-Chair), Sebastian Galiani Household Responses to Food Subsidies: Evidence from India Website 11/08/13
Kendall, Chad Economics University of British Columbia D G Francesco Trebbi Informational Losses in Rational Trading Panics Website 11/08/13
Kim, Jin Yeub Economics University of Chicago D H Roger Myerson (Chair), Lars Stole, Ethan Bueno de Mesquita Endogenous Choice of a Mediator: Inefficiency of Bargaining Website 11/07/13
Kim, Minho Economics WUSTL F E B. Ravikumar (Co-Chair), Ping Wang (Co-Chair), Costas Azariadis Multi-Stage Production and Gains from Trade Website 11/07/13
Kim, Jaeho Economics University of Washington, Seattle C E Empirical Macroeconomics, Time series Analysis Professor Chang-Jin Kim “The 'Pile-up Problem' in Trend-Cycle Decomposition of Real GDP: Classical and Bayesian Perspectives Website 12/03/13
Kim, Jihyun Economics Indiana University C E Econometrics, Time Series Joon Y. Park Mean Reversion and Unit Roots Properties of Diffusion Models Website 12/10/13
Kim, Ju Hyun Economics Columbia University C Econometrics Bernard Salanié, Pierre-André Chiappori Identifying the Distribution of Treatment Effects under Support Restrictions Website 11/09/13
Kit Yee Sun, Phyllis Economics Princeton University F L Gene Grossman, Stephen Redding A Theory of Worker-Level Comparative Advantage and Task Specialization Within Jobs Website 11/07/13
Kivinen, Steven Economics Queen's University D J Network James Bergin, Marie-Louise Viero and Allen Head Unemployment, Vacancies, and Social Networks Website 11/08/13
Kleiner, Kristoph Economics Duke University G E Manuel Adelino, Patrick Bayer, David Robinson, Daniel Xu How Real Estate Drives the Economy: An Investigation of Small Firm Balance Sheet Shocks on Employment Website 11/07/13
Knapp, Dave Economics University of Michigan J Applied metrics Charlie Brown, John Laitner, Brian McCall, Brian Wu The Effect of Social Security Auxiliary Spouse and Survivor's Benefits on the Household Retirement Decision Website 11/13/13
Koch, Cathérine Tahmee Economics University of Zurich E F Mathias Hoffmann, Claudia Buch, Steven Ongena Risky Adjustments or Adjustments to Risks: Decomposing Bank Leverage Website 12/04/13
Koh, Dongya Economics WUSTL E O Rodolfo Manuelli, Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis, George-Levi Gayle Human capital accumulation under age-dependent labor income risks Website 11/07/13
Kohlhas, Alexandre Economics University of Cambridge E Donald Robertson, Giancarlo Corsetti, Kristoffer Nimark, Pontus Rendahl Learning-by-Sharing: Monetary Policy and the Information Content of Aggregate Variables Website 11/13/13
Kong, Jianning Economics University of Texas at Dallas C H Econometrics and Experimental Economics Donggyu Sul Treatment Effect Estimation under Multiple Equilibria in Repeated Public Good Games Website 11/21/13
Kose, Tekin Economics University of Pittsburgh D I Experimental Economics (Behavioral Finance), Applied Microeconomics (Health Economics) John Duffy (co-chair), Jean-Francois Richard (co-chair), Werner Troesken, Stephanie Wang, Gunduz Caginalp Price Convergence and Fundamentals in Asset Markets with Bankruptcy Risk: An Experiment Website 11/14/13
Kothari, Siddharth Economics Stanford E O Pete Klenow, Nick Bloom, Chad Jones The Size Distribution of Manufacturing Plants and Development Website 11/07/13
Kumar, Pradeep Economics Penn State L D Mark Roberts (chair), Paul Grieco, James Tybout Market Power and Cost Efficiencies in Banking Website 11/07/13
Kushnir, Alexey Economics University of Zurich D Jacob Goeree, Vijay Krishna, Marek Pycia, Peter Coles, Alexandru Nichifor A Geometric Approach to Mechanism Design Website 12/04/13
Kwon, Hyosung Economics Boston University E C Jianjun Miao Three Types of Robust Ramsey Problem in a Linear-Quadratic Framework Website 11/13/13
Labonne, Julien Economics Oxford C F Applied Econometrics , Political Economy Marcel Fafchamps Do Politicians’ Relatives Get Better Jobs? Evidence from Municipal Elections in the Philippines Website 11/08/13
Lamadon, Thiabut Economics UCL E J Jeremy Lise, Jean Marc-Robin, Costas Meghir, Jan Eeckhout Productivity shocks, Optimal Contracts and Income Dynamics Website 11/07/13
Lamba, Rohit Economics Princeton University C H Stephen Morris, Marco Battaglini, Sylvain Chassang, Raghuram Rajan Repeated Bargaining: A Mechanism Design Approach Website 11/07/13
Lashkaripour, Ahmad Economics Penn State F L Jonathan Eaton, Stephen Yeaple, James Tybout Breaking Down Elasticities: Rebuilding Gravity and the Gains From Trade Website 11/07/13
Le, Huubinh (Ben) B. Economics Kansas State University L Also applied econometrics Philip Gayle (chair), Dennis Weisman, Dong Li, Tian Xia Measuring Merger Cost Effects: Evidence from a Dynamic Structural Econometric Model Website 11/23/13
Lee, Joosung Economics Penn State C D Kalyan Chatterjee (chair), Edward Green, James Jordan, Vijay Krishna Bargaining and Buyout Website 11/07/13
Lee, Chung-Ying Economics Duke University L D Applied Micro Wilfred Amaldoss, Peter Arcidiacono, Andrew Sweeting A Welfare Analysis of Copay Coupons in Pharmaceuticals Website 11/07/13
Lee, Sang Seok Economics Oxford E C Martin Ellison Information Value of the Interest Rate and the Zero Lower Bound Website 11/08/13
Lee, Jeong Hwan Economics Columbia University G Corporate Finance Neng Wang, Patrick Bolton Debt Servicing Costs and Capital Structure Choice Website 11/09/13
Lhost, Jonathan Economics UT Austin L C David S. Sibley (co-chair), Dale O. Stahl (co-chair), Laurent Mathevet Credit or Debit? How Surcharging Affects Customers, Merchants, and the Platform Website 11/07/13
Li, Ao Economics Boston University O I Dilip Mookherjee Parental Migration and Education Attainment in Rural Mexico Website 11/13/13
Li, Huailu Economics Boston University J O Kevin Lang Does Competition Eliminate Discrimination? Evidence from Commercial Sex Market in Singapore Website 11/13/13
Li, Yang Economics Boston University L D Marc Rysman Liberalization of the Airline Industry on the U.S.-China Route: Effects of the Amendment of the Aviation Agreement Website 11/13/13
Li, Shengyu Economics Penn State L D Mark Roberts (chair), James Tybout, Paul Grieco A Structural Model of Productivity, Uncertain Demand, and Export Dynamics Website 11/07/13
Li, Rong Economics Ohio State E H Bill Dupor, Paul Evans, Pok-sang Lam The Distributional Effects of Government Spending Shocks Website 11/07/13
Lin, Jenny Economics University of Michigan F E Alan Deardorff, Andrei Levchenko, Jagadeesh SivadasanDmitriy Stolyarov , Trade of Differentiated Products Under Intellectual Property Piracy Website 11/13/13
Lindenlaub, Ilse Economics European University Institute E J Macro/Labor Jan Eeckhout, Nicola Pavoni Sorting Multidimensional Types: Theory and Application Website 11/29/13
Liu, Lin Economics Rochester E J Mark Bils (Main Advisor), Yongsung Chang, Jay H. Hong, Kuzey Yilmaz (Teaching) Persistent Relative Price Movement and Monetary Policy Shocks Website 11/07/13
Liu, Yu Economics Yale University O F Nancy Qian, Christopher Udry, Eric Weese, David Atkin The Political Economy Determinants of the Firm Size Distribution: Evidence from China Website 11/07/13
Lopez, Joaquin Economics University of Chicago O F Nancy Stokey (Chair), Juhani Linnainmaa, Robert E. Lucas, Jr. Entrepreneurship and Rent-Seeking Under Credit Constraints Website 11/07/13
Lopez-Martin, Bernabe Economics UMN O E Also Labor Economics Timothy Kehoe (chair), Fabrizio Perri, Kei-Mu Yi, Cristina Arellano From Firm Productivity Dynamics to Aggregate Efficiency Website 11/12/13
Lorca, Jorge Economics UMN E Y Political Economy Christopher Phelan (chair), Larry Jones, Juan Pablo Nicolini Political budget cycles, information and development Website 11/12/13
Low, Corinne Economics Columbia University D O Also Applied Theory Pierre-André Chiappori, Cristian Pop-Eleches Pricing the Biological Clock: Reproductive Capital on the US Marriage Market Website 11/09/13
Lu, Jay Economics Princeton University C D Faruk Gul, Wolfgang Pesendorfer, Stephen Morris Random Choice and Private Information Website 11/07/13
Luco, Fernando Economics Northwestern University L D Igal Hendel (Committee Chair), Aviv Nevo, Robert Porter, Richard Walker (Teaching Reference) Switching Costs and Competition in Retirement Investment Website 11/08/13
Lund, Christian Giødesen Economics Northwestern University J E Dale Mortensen (Committee Chair), David Berger, Jason Faberman, Kiminori Matsuyama Wage Growth and Firm Performance Website 11/08/13
Lv, Yunyun (Anna) Economics Kansas State University E Q Time series econometrics, energy Lance Bachmeier (chair), Steven P. Cassou, Lloyd B. Thomas Jr. Selection of Macroeconomic Forecasting Models: One Size Fits All? Website 11/23/13
Ma, Lin Economics University of Michigan F E Andrei Levchenko, Ruediger Bachmann, Alan Deardorff, Kyle Handley Globalization and Top Income Shares Website 11/13/13
Ma, Lala Economics Duke University Q Environmental Peter Arcidiacono, Patrick Bayer, Christopher Timmins Learning in a Hedonic Framework: Valuing Brownfield Remediation Website 11/07/13
Mahler, Patten Economics University of Virginia I J Sarah Turner, Prof. Leora Friedberg, Prof. James Wyckoff Lifting the Salary Cap: The Effects of a Return-to-Work Policy on Teacher Retirement, Retention, and Quality Website 11/12/13
Maio, Michael Economics UMN F O Timothy Kehoe (co-chair), Fabrizio Perri (co-chair), James Schmitz, Jr. Foreign Competition and Firm Productivity: A Principal-Agent Approach Website 11/12/13
Mantovanelli, Federico Economics Boston College O Scott Fulford, Fabio Schiantarelli, Mathis Wagner, Harold Petersen The Protestant Legacy: Missions and Literacy in India Website 11/13/13
Marsilli, Clement Economics / Applied Mathematics Banque de France / Universite de Franche-Comte C E Juan-Pablo Ortega, Laurent Ferrara Variable Selection in Predictive MIDAS Models Website 11/19/13
Maxfield, Michelle Economics Michigan State University H J Public, Applied Econometrics, Labor, Economics of Education Stacy Dickert-Conlin (Chair) The Effects of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Child Achievement and Long-Term Educational Attainment Website 11/30/13
McDermott, Eric Economics UMN I E Also Development Economics Jose-Victor Rios-Rull (chair), Jonathan Heathcote, Simran Sahi, Jenny Keil HIV TESTING AND SORTED PARTNER SEARCH Website 11/12/13
Mermer, Ayse Gul Economics Tilburg University D L Behavioral Economics, Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization Wieland Muller, Sigrid Suetens Contests with Expectation-Based Loss-Averse Players Website 12/02/13
Mierendorff, Konrad Economics University of Zurich D Jacob Goeree, Yeon-Koo Che, Benny Moldovanu Auctions with limited commitment Website 12/04/13
Millan, Jaime Economics UCL D Economics of Crime and Violence Marcos Vera Hernandez, Orazio Attanasio Drugs, Guns and Early Motherhood in Colombia Website 11/07/13
Miller, Conrad Economics MIT J H Public Finance Prof. David Autor, Prof. Amy Finkelstein, Prof. Michael Greenstone The Persistent Effect of Temporary Affirmative Action Website 11/08/13
Minegishi, Kota Agricultural and Resource Economics University of Maryland Q D Agricultural, Production Economics Robert Chambers (Chair), Erik Lichtenberg, James Hanson Difference in Distance-Functions (DDF) Approach to Production Heterogeneity: Application to Technical Change Measurement Website 11/08/13
Miyamoto, Sho Economics WUSTL D L John Nachbar (chair), David K. Levine, Maher Said Signaling by Blurring Website 11/07/13
Miyamoto, Wataru Economics Columbia University E F Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe Understanding the Cross Country Effects of US Technology Shocks Website 11/09/13
Monarch, Ryan Economics University of Michigan F L Andrei Levchenko, Alan Deardorff, Jeremy Fox, Jagadeesh Sivadasan It's Not You, It's Me: Breakups in U.S.-China Trade Relationships Website 11/13/13
Monras, Joan Economics Columbia University F J Donald Davis, Eric Verhoogen Immigration and Wage Dynamics: Evidence from the Mexican Peso Crisis Website 11/09/13
Montes, Josh Economics University of Michigan E J Matthew Shapiro, Christopher House, Susan Collins Wage Rigidity and Employment Outcomes: Evidence from German Administrative Data Website 11/13/13
Moreno de Barreda, Ines Economics Oxford D Micro Theory, Game Theory, Economics of Information, Political Economy, Social Choice Robustness of Full Revelation in Multisender Cheap Talk Website 11/08/13
Morin, Lealand Economics Queen's University C G Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, James G. MacKinnon , Allan Gregory Keeping Di usion Processes within Bounds: using Information between Observations Website 11/08/13
Morin, Miguel Economics Columbia University E N Ricardo Reis, Bernard Salanié Computers, Electricity, and the Labor Market Website 11/10/13
Morris, Stephen Economics UC San Diego E C James D. Hamilton, Ivana Komunjer, Valerie Ramey Global Identification of DSGE Models Website 11/15/13
Morrow, John Economics LSE F O Monopolistic Competition and Optimum Product Diversity Under Firm Heterogeneity Website 11/07/13
Mu, Yifei Economics Clemson University F G Also Open Economy Macroeconomics, Auction Scott L. Baier, Robert F. Tamura, Michal M. Jerzmanowski, Kevin K. Tsui Banking Crisis and the Impacts on Bilateral Trade Website 11/23/13
Mukherjee, Anita Applied Economics The Wharton School, Univ. of Pennsylvania H O Also Law and Economics Fernando Ferreira, Olivia Mitchell, David Abrams, Jeremy Tobacman Do Private Prisons Distort Justice? Evidence on Time Served and Recidivism Website 12/18/13
Murry, Charles Economics University of Virginia L D Simon Anderson, Federico Ciliberto, Steven Stern Advertising in Vertical Relationships: An Equilibrium Model of the Automobile Industry Website 11/27/13
Naguib, Karim Economics Boston University O I Dilip Mookherjee Learning From and About Your Peers: A Social Learning Lab Experiment Website 11/13/13
Nakasone, Eduardo Agricultural and Resource Economics University of Maryland O Q Also Agricultural, Applied Microeconomics Kenneth Leonard (Chair), Ted McConnell, Vivian Hoffman The Role of Price Information in Agricultural Markets: Experimental Evidence from Rural Peru Website 11/08/13
Nam, Suhyeon Economics Michigan State University C Econometrics Jeffrey M.Wooldridge (Chair), Peter J. Schmidt, Leslie E. Papke Multiple Fractional Response Variables with Continuous Endogenous Explanatory Variables Website 11/30/13
Neilson, Christopher Economics Yale University L H Labor, Education and Health Economics Steven Berry, Joseph Altonji, Philip Haile, Costas Meghir, Justine Hastings Targeted Vouchers and Competition Among Schools Website 11/07/13
Nguyen, Thuy Lan Economics Columbia University E F Jon Steinsson News and Business Cycles: Evidence from Forecast Data Website 11/10/13
Ngwe, Donald Economics Columbia University L Michael Riordan,Katherine Ho Why Outlet Stores Exist: Reducing Cannibalization While Extending Markets Website 11/10/13
Nica, Melania Economics LSE D L Conformity and Separation of Careerist Experts Website 11/07/13
Nielsen, Eric Reed Economics University of Chicago J D Derek Neal (Chair), Gary Becker, Ali Hortaçsu, Azeem Shaikh Ordinal Estimation of Income-Achievement Gaps Website 11/07/13
Nikolov, Plamen Economics Harvard University O J Development, Labor, Experimental, Health Larry Katz, David Cutler, Raj Chetty, Roland Fryer Website 11/11/13
Oh, Dong Hwan Economics Duke University C G Econometrics Focus Tim Bollerslev, Andrew Patton, George Tauchen Modeling High Dimension Distributions with High Frequency Data and Copulas Website 11/07/13
Oh, Hyunseung Economics Columbia University E Ricardo Reis What do inventories tell us about news-driven business cycles? Website 11/10/13
Ohrn, Eric Economics University of Michigan Y Public Finance, Corporate Finance James Hines Jr, Joel Slemrod, Christopher House Does Corporate Governance Induce Earnings Management? Evidence from Bonus Depreciation and the Fiscal Cliff Website 11/13/13
Oryshchenko, Vitaliy Economics Oxford C Econometrics David Hendry Generalised empirical likelihood-based kernel density estimation Website 11/08/13
Osman, Adam Economics Yale University O J Dean Karlan, David Atkin, Costas Meghir Occupational Choice Under Credit and Information Constraints Website 11/07/13
Ozkan, Nazire Economics UNC-Chapel Hill C G Econometrics Eric Ghysels Real-Time Forecasting of State and Local Governments’ Budgets with Mixed Frequency Data Regressions Website 12/14/13
Pagel, Michaela Economics UC Berkeley G E Behavioral Economics/Finance Matthew Rabin (chair), Adam Szeidl (co-chair), Ulrike Malmendier, Nick Barberis "Expectations-Based Reference-Dependent Life-Cycle Consumption" and "A News-Utility Theory for Inattention and Rebalancing in Portfolio Choice" Website 11/11/13
Palmer, Christopher Economics MIT R J Also Applied Econometrics, Public Finance Prof. David Autor, Prof. Jerry Hausman, Prof. Parag Pathak, Prof. William Wheaton Why Did So Many Subprime Borrowers Default During the Crisis: Loose Credit or Plummeting Prices? Website 11/08/13
Pan, Chen-Yu Economics Boston College H R Hideo Konishi, M. Utku Ünver, Tayfun Sönmez An Electoral Competition with Mass Media Noises Website 11/13/13
Parker, Jason Economics University of Texas at Dallas C K Econometrics Donggyu Sul Heavy Traffic: Determination of Homicide Rates across the 50 United States Website 11/21/13
Parker, Jason Economics University of Texas at Dallas C H Econometrics Donggyu Sul Heavy Traffic: Determination of Homicide Rates across the 50 United States Website 11/21/13
Pechacek, Julie Economics UT Austin J I Sandra Black (chair), Gerald Oettinger, Leigh Linden, Stephen Trejo Waiting It Out? Unemployment, Dropout and Strategic Delay Among College Students" Website 11/07/13
Pedraza, Alvaro Economics University of Maryland G E John Shea (Co-Chair), Albert "Pete" Kyle (Co-Chair), Anton Korinek, Russ Wermers Strategic Information Revelation and Capital Allocation Website 11/08/13
Peivandi Karizbodaghi, Ahmad Economics Northwestern University D G Micro Theory, Market Design Jeffrey Ely (chair) , Rakesh Vohra (co-chair) Participation and unbiased pricing in CDS settlement mechanisms Website 12/13/13
Pelin Akyol, Saziye Economics Penn State I L Kala Krishna (chair), Paul Grieco, Sung Jae Jun Preferences, Selection, and Value Added: A Structural Approach Website 11/07/13
Pereda Fernández, Santiago Economics University of California, Berkeley C J Applied econometrics, economics of education Bryan Graham, James Powell, Stéphane Bonhomme Social Spillovers in the Classroom: Identification, Estimation and Policy Analysis Website 11/11/13
Perju, Genoveva - Elena Economics and Business Administration UAIC F R Quantitative methods Vasile C. Nechita, Gabriela M. Atanasiu Retaliatory disagreement point with asymmetric countries. Evidence from European wine sector during enlargement Website 11/21/13
Petre, Melinda Economics UT Austin J D Sandra Black (chair), Gerald Oettinger, Stephen Trejo, Jason Abrevaya Website 11/07/13
Phelan, Gregory Economics Yale University E G John Geanakoplos, Guillermo Ordonez, William Brainard, Ray Fair Financial Intermediation, Leverage, and Macroeconomic Instability Website 11/07/13
Piffer, Michele Economics LSE E Dr Gianluca Benigno, Dr Kevin Sheedy Monetary Policy, Leverage, and Default Website 11/07/13
Piyapromdee, Suphanit Economics University of Wisconsin Madison J John Kennan, Rasmus Lentz, Chris Taber The Impact of Immigration on Wages, Internal Migration and Welfare Website 11/07/13
Polyakova, Mari Economics MIT I L Also Public Finance Prof. Amy Finkelstein, Prof. Nancy Rose, Prof. Jonathan Gruber, Prof. Stephen Ryan Regulation of Insurance with Adverse Selection and Switching Costs: Evidence from Medicare Part D Website 11/08/13
Pons, Vincent Economics MIT F O Political Economy focus Voter Registration Costs and Disenfranchisement: Experimental Evidence from France Website 11/08/13
Portnykh, Margarita Economics Clemson University Q J Also Applied Microeconomics, Labor Tom Mroz, William R. Dougan, Kevin K. Tsui Adaptation to Climate Change Through Migration Website 11/23/13
Qin, Yu Applied Economics Cornell University O R Ravi Kanbur, Nancy Chau, Damon Clark, Xiaobo Zhang "No County Left Behind?" The Distributional Impact of High-Speed Rail Upgrade in China Website 11/13/13
Qiu, Liangfei Economics UT Austin D C Andrew Whinston Website 11/07/13
Quintero, Luis Tepper School of Business Carnegie Mellon University R D Also Econometrics and public policy. Dennis Epple and Holger Sieg Estimating a Hedonic Equilibrium for Metropolitan Housing Markets with Multiple Household Types Website 12/08/13
Rao, Gautam Economics UC Berkeley O I Development, Behavioral, Political, Labor Edward Miguel, Stefano DellaVigna, Matthew Rabin, Frederico Finan Familiarity Does Not Breed Contempt: Generosity , Discrimination and Diversity in Delhi Schools Website 11/11/13
Rauh, Alison Jane Economics University of Chicago D J Erik Hurst (Chair), Steven Levitt, Kerwin Charles, Steven Davis Convergence Between Black Immigrants and Black Natives Across and Within Generations Website 11/07/13
Rho, Deborah Economics Duke University J D V. Joseph Hotz, Marjorie McElroy, Katy Rouse, Seth Sanders Immigrant Assimilation: The Role of the Firm Website 11/07/13
Riahi, Ideen Economics Simon Fraser University O H Alexander Karaivanov, Chris Muris, Simon Woodcock Colonization and Genetics of Comparative Development Website 11/13/13
Richard, Brice Economics Princeton University H O Anne Case, Tom Romer, Thomas Fujiwara, Martin Gilens Punished Communities: Felon Disenfranchisement, Political Participation and Public Good Provision Website 11/07/13
Rick, Armin Economics University of Chicago D J Derek Neal (Chair), Emir Kamenica, Philip Reny, Gary Becker The Benefits of Miscommunication in Communication Games Website 11/07/13
Ringo, Daniel Economics Rochester J D Gregorio Caetano (Main Advisor), Josh Kinsler, Mark Bils Home Ownership as a Labor Market Friction Website 11/07/13
Robalino, Nikolaus Economics Simon Fraser University D C Arthur Robson, Gregory Dow, Shih En Lu, Songzi Du The Evolution of Theory of Mind: Theory and Experiments Website 11/15/13
Robatto, Roberto Economics University of Chicago E J Fernando Alvarez (Chair), Veronica Guerrieri, Robert E. Lucas, Jr., Balázs Szentes Financial Crises and Systemic Bank Runs in a Dynamic Model of Banking Website 11/07/13
Roderick, Tom Economics UT Austin L C Stephen Ryan, Eugenio Miravete, Haiqing Xu, Steven Puller, Ross Baldick Optimal Transmission Regulation in Restructured Electricity Markets Website 11/07/13
Rogger, Dan Economics UCL O H Also Political Economy Imran Rasul, Orazio Attanasio, Richard Blundell, Magne Mogstad The Causes and Consequences of Political Interference in Bureaucratic Implementation: Evidence from Nigeria Website 11/07/13
Rokkanen, Miikka Economics MIT J C Econometrics Prof. Joshua Angrist, Prof. Parag Pathak, Prof. Victor Chernozhukov Exam Schools, Ability, and the Effects of Affirmative Action: Latent Factor Extrapolation in the Regression Discontinuity Design Website 11/08/13
Romano, Teresa Economics Duke University D J Also Education Peter Arcidiacono, Hugh Macartney, Marjorie McElroy, Jennifer Platania Assessing the Effects of School Days and Absences on Test Score Performance Website 11/07/13
Rots, Eyno Economics Boston University E C Simon Gilchrist Learning and the Market for Housing Website 11/13/13
Ryan, Nicholas Economics MIT Q O Environmental, Development and IO Prof. Esther Duflo, Prof. Michael Greenstone, Prof. Rohini Pande The Competitive Effects of Transmission Infrastructure in the Indian Electricity Market Website 11/08/13
Sacarny, Adam Economics MIT H I Public Finance focus, also Applied Econometrics Technological Diffusion Across Hospitals: The Case of a Revenue-Generating Technology Website 11/08/13
Salitskiy, Igor Economics Stanford G E Martin Schneider, Jeffrey Zweibel, Ilya Segal Optimal Dynamic Contracts in Financial Intermediation: An Application to Venture Capital Financing Website 11/07/13
Salomao, Juliana Economics Stanford F E Also Finance Martin Schneider, Manuel Amador, Pablo Kurlat, Monika Piazzesi A Dynamic Model of Sovereign Debt Restructuring, Renegotiation and Credit Default Swaps Website 11/07/13
Sanchez de la Sierra, Raul Economics Columbia University O F Political Economy Eric Verhoogen, Suresh Naidu On the Origin of States: Stationary Bandits and Taxation in Eastern Congo Website 11/10/13
Santamaria, Martin I. Economics University of Chicago D E On the Probability of Existence of Stable Networks Website 11/07/13
Saporta, Itay Economics Stanford J E Nicholas Bloom, Luigi Pistaferri, Monika Piazzesi Wages and Job Loss: Implications for Unemployment Website 11/07/13
Saunders-Scott, Molly Economics University of Michigan J H James Hines Jr, Joel Slemrod, Charlie Brown, Cathy Shakespeare How does transfer-pricing enforcement affect reported profits? Website 11/13/13
Schmidbauer, Eric Business Economics and Public Policy Indiana University D I Also IO, business economics and marketing Rick Harbaugh, Mike Baye, Hai Che New and improved? Website 11/13/13
Schuttringer, Ehren Economics Michigan State University H I Public Economics, Health Economics John Goddeeris (Chair) The State Children's Health Insurance Program and Maternal Labor Supply Incentives Website 11/30/13
Senkal, Asli Economics University of Virginia E also Growth Eric Young, Hernan Moscoso Boedo, Toshihiko Mukoyama Misallocation and Recovery Rates Website 11/11/13
Shapiro, Bradley Economics MIT L I Also Organizational Prof. Nancy Rose, Prof. Ernst Berndt, Prof. Stephen Ryan Positive Spillovers and Free Riding in Advertising of Prescription Pharmaceuticals: The Case of Antidepressants Website 11/08/13
Shenoy, Ajay Economics University of Michigan O E Raj Arunachalam, David Lam, Christopher House, Daniel Ackerberg Market Failures and Misallocation: The Costs of Factor and Financial Market Failures in Rural Thailand Website 11/13/13
Shi, Julie Economics Boston University I L Randall P. Ellis Efficiency in Plan Choice with Risk Adjustment and Premium Discrimination in Health Insurance Exchanges Website 11/13/13
Shi, Zhentao Economics Yale University C Peter Phillips, Donald Andrews, Yuichi Kitamura Econometric Estimation with High-Dimensional Moment Equalities Website 11/07/13
Shin, Sangwha Economics Michigan State University F E International Trade, Monetary Economics Carl Davidson (Chair), Luis Araujo, Chun (Susan) Zhu Labor Market Structure and Offshoring Website 11/30/13
Shoukry, George Economics UT Austin D C Jason Abrevaya (co-chair), Maxwell Stinchcombe (co-chair), Thomas Wiseman, Laurent Mathevet Safety in Mechanism Design and Implementation Theory Website 11/07/13
Slootmaker, Chris Economics Colorado State University O Q Also Gender, Applied Micro Elissa Braunstein, Daniele Tavani, Craig Bond Technology Adoption, Risk, and Intrahousehold Bargaining in Subsistence Agriculture Website 12/18/13
Smith, Ben School of Economic Sciences Washington State University L R Behavioral and Computational Economist Phil Wandschneider Piracy, Awareness and Welfare in a Required Aftermarket Website 12/11/13
Some, Juste Economics University of Montreal E C Emanuela Cardia, Benoit Perron, Francisco Ruge-Murcia Oil demand and supply shocks in Canada’s Economy Website 11/07/13
Son, Hyelim Economics Columbia University O D Miguel Urquiola,Supreet Kaur Human capital investment when sheepskin effects matter: Evidence from income shocks in Indonesia Website 11/10/13
Sonchak, Lyudmyla Economics Clemson University J F Also Health, Education Tom Mroz, Dan Miller, Curtis J. Simon, Jaqueline Oliveira Medicaid Reimbursement, Prenatal Care and Infant Health Website 11/23/13
Sotelo, Sebastian Economics University of Chicago F O Samuel Kortum (Chair), Nancy Stokey, Thomas Chaney Trade Frictions and Agricultural Productivity Website 11/07/13
Speer, Jamin Economics Yale University I J Joseph Altonji, Lisa Kahn, Fabian Lange, Ebonya Washington Pre-Market Skills, Occupational Choice, and Career Progression Website 11/07/13
Sprick Schuster, Steven Economics Boston University H N Laurent Bouton Delivering the Vote: The Political Effect of Free Mail Delivery in Early Twentieth Century America Website 11/13/13
Stantcheva, Stefanie Economics MIT H O Public Finance Optimal Dynamic Taxation and Human Capital Policies over the Life Cycle Website 11/08/13
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